Monday, January 23, 2012

A thankful me - 4

How is this the last week of January already?! I think I’ve lost all ability to keep up with the flying time.

{sign you’re getting old…you comment frequently on time passing}

I hope everyone had a fun weekend. Mine consisted of cleaning out closets and cabinets. Not to mention my pantry and then organizing it. Seriously! I can’t stop starring at how pretty my pantry looks.
See? See? See? I’ll randomly open the door just to stand there and admire it.
This week has been a good week, quiet but good. I’ve hardly heard from G-man and know I won’t hear from him until he gets home next weekend. Friday morning was last I heard from him in email telling me he wouldn’t be able to talk until he got home.

I still email him daily, even though I don’t even know if he’s getting them. It helps me though.

This week I’m thankful for-

- the few times he was able to email me. They were short quick little notes, but I’ll take those over none any day.
- all the leftovers I finished from when he was here. I realize that was 2 weeks ago, but they lasted…for the most part. It kept me from having to cook.
- my parents letting me connect to their Netflix and Hulu Plus accounts on my PS3 since I canceled my Directv. It has gotten me through my nights!
- Sweet LeAnna getting me properly hooked on Downton Abbey. I only watched the entire 1st Season in 1 night. That’s 7 hours straight. Didn’t make it to bed until 1am. And now catching up on Season 2 online.
- having my friend come over to watch The Help with me. We hadn’t hung out in a long time and it was great catching up. ..the movie on the other hand. Wasn’t into it like everyone else.
- taking my friend’s family photos.
a sneak peak

- making it a rule to keep my laptop on my {hardly used} dining table. I’ve banned it from my living room. Its made a huge difference with my productivity.
- my Esthetician sister in law who’s been beyond helpful with all my skin and product questions.

So, tell me. What makes you thankful today?

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arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

love that preview! :) have a wonderful week! (and i agree..time is passing so quickly...)

Bailey Schneider said...

Time is flying! Crazy! So lovely to be thankful! I always do a Thankful Thursday post on my blog :-)
I'm so thankful for my family and friends - I'd be lost without them!
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Lisa said...

Hi Emily,
I also spent the weekend re-organising but mine was all my books. I keep on buying bookshelves for them and giving them away but when I look again they have taken over every surface......

So I am thankful that my brother helped me build new bookshelves which can hold ALL my books (well all the books I have at the moment) and that we worked so well as a team instead of doing the normal sibling bickering thing.

Have a great Monday and thank you for the great read.

Lisa from honibun@blogspot

Stephanie said...

When Erik was deployed to Iraq it was the very beginning of the war and they weren't allowed to communicate with us for 11 weeks! It was so horrible, but I wrote letters every day because it was the only way to keep my sanity! I hope you hear from your guy soon...I know it's always hard waiting for a phone call. : )

Natalie said...

OMGOSH! I'm so addicted to Downton Abbey too!

I'm Hannah said...

i'm thankful today for smartwool socks, leggins and nutella :)

your pantry looks stunning! haha

Daisy said...

I have heard so much about that show! Now I have to watch it!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Umm dets on Downtown Abby!

Nicolle said...

A clean and organized pantry makes me very happy! :)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

gorgeous, lovely picture!!!

pretty pantry. good work!!! i'm admiring it, too. it's way fuller than mine. ha!

The Help is the best possible movie you could ever watch. good choice. : )


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