Thursday, January 26, 2012

Color obsessed

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on yesterday’s post. Its been something that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately and felt like I had to say. We definitely aren’t alone and its nice to see everyone being encouraging..just what we need more of. = )

This week has actually been a really tough week for me. The beginning was, actually. Looking over myself and seeing all that’s going on…or not going on in my life was putting me in a major funk. Top that off with not being able to have any communication with G-man for days and days was wearing me down! Satan sure knows how to work in those moments.

Stephanie told me she once had to go 11 weeks without hearing from her husband when he was on deployment years ago and I’m not sure I could make it, if that was my case. Just going these 6 days have been really hard.

I should hear from him Saturday, since he’ll be back in the states though, and I can’t wait!
*updated. I heard from him last night!! A complete surprise and I almost didn’t answer the ‘blocked’ number, but so glad I did.


For Christmas, G-man got me a giftcard to one of, my favorite clothing store and days after getting it, I got online and picked out 9 tops. If it wasn’t for taxes I wouldn’t have had to pay a penny, but as it was, I only paid $7. I couldn’t wait to get them and was seriously jumping for joy at getting all but 1 top on sale.

And then, not 2 days after placing the order, I get the store’s email promoting a $20.12 off all orders over X amount…my X amount…I could have saved $20!! Isn’t that how it always is!?

Alas, I got them all and only liked 5 of them, so off to the store I went to return them and pick out fun new clothes.

I learned 2 {not so new} things about myself that day.
1. I have an unhealthy obsession with gray. and..
IMG_7470 (1500x1000)
keep in mind there are 3 more gray shirts that were still in the dryer when I took this picture…
2. I have an unhealthy obsession with purple. ..oh, and
IMG_7475 (1500x1000)

3. I’m scared of pattern. (I didn’t buy this)
photo (9)
Ok so that’s 3 things…
My mom is probably nodding her head agreeing. I can’t even count how many years of effort she’s put into getting me out of solids.

I’m like a leap year. Every 4 years, I finally muster up the courage to buy a stripe over solid…then a design on a small part of the shirt…then a plaid. At this rate, I’ll be 70 before I feel comfortable wearing a full patterned top. I’ll be that crazy old lady with the eccentric clothing.

Would you still talk to me?

What color are you obsessed with?

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Laura said...

I love the first shirt in the first picture, the one with the ruffled neckline!

I'm also afraid of most patterns and most of my clothes are either teal (I have blue eyes and it looks good) or black... I'm pretty plain!

Stephanie said...

I'm a gray girl! I will buy ANYTHING gray. (Especially in the form of a v-neck t-shirt!) HA!

Looks like you got some great stuff!

Natalie said...

That's kinda strange... Gray and purple compile most of my wardrobe as well. Although in the summer I add pink to the mix, and in the winter black and brown. And I wouldn't say I have such an aversion to pattern. I do stay away from those printed tees like they're the plague. And I agree. It's a total bummer when you buy clothing online only to discover had you waited a week or two you could've saved a nice wad of dough.

Annie M Culley said...

I tend to not care what the color or pattern is as long as it doesn't make me look fat and is a good price! I do try to buy to match the shoes I own!

I'm Hannah said...

I wear plaid ALL the time. I guess plaid and nutella will be two things we will never agree on :)

If I wear solids, it's usually dark blue or black. But I love green, blue, pink, white...haha, ALL colors. I live vicariously through my daughter's outfits. Today, I put her in rainbow peace leggings, a lime green long sleeve shirt, a grey tutu dress over it, topped with a who-ville ponytail and a puffy pink vest to fend off the chilly winds ;) Yikes! Hopefully no one has a seizure looking at her today...

meme-and-he said...

I, too, love me some gray. but you could totally pull off those patterns!!!

Laura Elizabeth said...

I like dark green. And purple too!! And seriously, the sale ALWAYS starts the day after I suck it up and make a large purchase. Murphy's law!

Also I wanted to say I have major love for yr previous post. I have been struggling with trying to get a cool blogger to notice me... But honestly, it's her loss! I'll just stick with my actual friends.

Megan said...

Haha, I LOVE gray too! It's a great color because it's so versatile, and I think it looks great on everyone.

That plaid shirt is cute on you! I love plaid patterns :) Have a great night.

Rebecca from See Me Rwar said...

Haha. This is so funny! I hate when I get home from shopping and think, "I basically already have this exact same thing!."

See Me Rwar

Jossie said...

Here's my two cents (since I know you are dying for it, lol!). Solid color tops are perfect to accessorize with jewelry and since we both know why that's important, I am with you that 90% of my tops are solid colors. Prints are great but are sometimes hard to accessorize.


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