Friday, January 13, 2012

It’s not a resolution

I’m not a resolution setter. Haven’t been for many many years. I see too many resolutions being made only to quickly see them get ignored with the old way of living quickly returning. I saw it plenty in my own self when I used to set little goals or resolutions each year. They’re just taken too lightly, in my opinion.

Beyond the masses making resolutions, I’ve also been seeing a ‘word for the year'. Picking one word that you want to be centered around for the year. Interesting concept. I hadn’t heard of doing this until I joined the blog world.

But for me?? I’m eliminating one word. Weeeeell, reducing. I’d like to look at it as a commitment rather than anything else, because when I, my own self, get tired of hearing a word constantly come out of my mouth, I think, ‘surely, everyone else is tired of it.’
{don’t call me Shirley…}

So, *clears throat* I hereby announce I will be reducing my use of the word:


No joke.

Dude is my go to word when I’m frustrated with someone, when I’m shocked over a statement, pretty much any opportunity I can use it…at the tv, at G-man, at a kid, at the driver in front of me…it gets said.

No more, I say…no more.
oh wait….before I commit..
Dude, seriously, that’s Michael Buble and he totally slapped my hand when he walked by! Aaaaaaaawesome!!


oh oh and Dude! ya gotta check out this sah-weet picture of bacon I took with my brand new 35mm lens I got from my love for Christmas. It’s epic.

There. All better.
What one word would you pick to reduce from your vocabulary? I fear, all you momma’s, when you ask me if I’m going to the potty or that you have to go to the potty (when no child is around but adults…) you might want to consider joining me… just sayin’.

Cause I will heckle you. Fair warning.

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Bailey Schneider said...

Hahaha! Love this post, love the word Dude (sorry) and especially love Michael Buble!
So glad I found your blog :)
<3 Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

bunky153 said...

I'm, like, going to, like, extremely reduce the word 'like' from my vocabulary..also the word 'amazing'. I really don't go crazy with these words, but they are both so overused and I'm so sick of hearing them on tv or at work, that I'm going on strike. It should be, like, you know...amazing! ;)

Annie M Culley said...

I respond to all the negative incidences with REALLY! I'm defiantly starting to over use it!

Don't drink to much "evil water" and make sure you try to do the hoky poky at least once today!

Britt said...

Dude, I love Buble! So jealous!

Natalie said...

Dude! I can't believe you got that close to Michael Buble!

Kristin said...

Dude is one word I can't eradicate from my vocabulary. We call le toddler The Dude! Haha!

LeAnna said...

I totally need to eradicate "totally" from my vocab. I say it way too much.

And heckle all you want, chiquita. Your day will come and you will refer to the bathroom as potty in the presence of adults. You will. And you'll eat crow along with it. ;) And I will heckle you.

Fair warning. ;)

I think I really like your 35mm. Have you taken any portraits with it yet? I need to see more epicness.

meghan said...

That really is a really great picture! Wow. Impressive. And that's because you got a different lense? Hm. I might have to think about investing in another lense.

Tabitha Lynn said...

I love bacon.

Claire said...

You make me laugh. Look up dude in the dictionary. No seriously. It might surprise you.

I gave you the Liebster Award on my blog!!! come seeeeee!

Andrea said...

Hi! :) I just found your blog today via Fast forward Girl :) I think it's fab!

Love that lens, by the way!

Andrea xoxo

Jossie said...

I can't say that I will reduce my use of the word "awesome" but I do know that I say it way too often. And "I know, right?" when someone says something I agree with. In fact, just typing this post out makes me realize that I want to say both of those things way more, lol! Because I'm awesome like that.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

how fun that Michael Buble touched your hand....aahh!!!! so exciting! i think i would eliminate seriously...seriously i use too much!

Annie said...

I need to stop saying dude, too. I say it pretty much in the same instances as you do. The other day I said it to my dad - who absolutely abhors the word - and he was like, "Why do you say that?" And I think that was the point at which I realized that word really just needs to leave my vocabulary.

Megan said...

Ughhhhhhh, I hate when people say dude. Haha. Especially to me! I'm always like, excuse me, I am not a dude. Definitely a word to toss out!!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

hahaha! my go to word is "ya know." i guess it's more like two. it's a hard habit to break, ya know?! : )

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

Haha! Love this!! My word would totally be potty if I actually used it in real life. I only use it for the blog though...lucky blog readers. lol. [totally kidding]... I somehow feel better saying "I went potty" rather than "I went to the bathroom" on the blog, that is. Hmmmmm....I'm determined to find a word to ditch! I'll have to think about this some more. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tatiana said...

Dude! That's totally awesome! Love me some Michael. And he is not bad to look at either.
There are a lot of words that I say way too often. Let's see... "for the love, it's all good, yo, cracker please (mostly directed at my husband)" I better stop so I won't get myself in trouble.

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Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

Just put up a post directly inspired by this post! =)


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