Monday, January 16, 2012

A thankful me - 3

Well hello everyone! What a glorious Monday this is turning out to be, don’t you think?
{just say it with me} “Its-a-glorious-Monday.”

There, now we’ll all believe it.

I want to give a hearty hi to all my new followers {but I don’t like the term ‘followers’} so I’m going to say “buddies”.  Hi Buddies!! Thanks for jumping on the ‘bus o’ fun’ with me.

This past week was a decent one. The first week since G-man left and I did alright for the most part. It usually takes a few days for it to sink in and return to normal operations and this time was no different. By day 5 I was in my funk. More so because he’s in “Y” country again for a few weeks, and we don’t get to talk hardly ever the whole time.

So radio silence is tough to take, sometimes. {everyone knows that term, right? I’ve been thinking a lot about work lately, so a lot of work phrases have been in my head…}

But let’s not dwell. This very week, I’m thankful for:

- his safe arrival in “Y” Country.
- a wonderful visit with my friend, who happened to bring me “The Help” to read. Finished it in 3 days. A little long and drawn out but otherwise a pretty good book.
- my mom for loaning me the movie. I plan on watching it real soon.
- G-man surprising me with buying Adele’s “Someone Like You” song. He knows I love that song even though its really sad and without telling me, bought it for me.
- my sweet friend who’s always so quick to give me Photoshop advice and constructive criticism over my photos. I appreciate her honesty so so much.
- my awesome sister for being my 100th “buddy”.
- all the link love last week. From Megan to Tabitha to Claire to Ashley. These ladies are the best.
- you. Seriously, you guys don’t even know how much each comment you leave, each joke you tell, brightens my days. Thank you for taking time to ‘talk’ to me each day.

This afternoon, I’ll be doing my friend’s family photos. I’m excited, beyond excited! Pray my confidence stays high. I’ve only done my sister’s family, so the nerves are still an issue for me.

Speaking of, here’s a little sneak of my sister and her fam.
Sis, I hope you like it, seeing how you haven’t seen this one yet.

Did you have a nice weekend? Anyone as disappointed as I was in the Saints?

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bunky153 said...

I love this picture, now all I need is an 8x10. That would be a lovely gift, don't you think?? I love the positioning of Lex & Erin...the twins.

meme-and-he said...

aww hope gman stays safe and sound! long distance is rough, you two seem to handle it well!

Tabitha Lynn said...

Duh I'll link you anytime.

Your sister has such a beautiful family. How fun!!!

What's your workout today?

Going to text you in 5-4-3-2....


Jennifer Blair said...

Aw, what a cute pic! You're going to do great! I know it!

christine donee said...

I still need to read The Help.

Must. Get. On. That.

denise* paper angels said...

your photos are awesome :) hope g-man comes back soon!x

meghan said...

Congrats on 100 Emily!! That's so exciting! I'm glad you had so much to be thankful for. I'm thankful for my three day weekend. :)


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