Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A first for me

I’m so happy to show you my first ever baby shoot. I got the official OK from the momma to show the pictures when she came over a couple weeks ago to get the pictures and with the holidays and G-man being here, I just haven’t had a chance to show them…until now.

Even though she’s my friend and she was gracious enough to let me practice on her kids, it was still intimidating to do. I have a lot to learn but I can’t wait to keep learning and improve.

We started out outside where she had beautiful leaves covering the ground.

A little shy at first but he slowly began to come around.


One thing she said she wanted was a close up black and white. I’m hoping I obliged her.

He’s a serious little baby. Only garnering a few smiles from time to time but he was a cutie putting up with me and momma as we did our best to get him to smile.

I can’t go without mentioning his sister. She is a beautiful, equally serious little girl who loved taking part of picture taking running over to my camera to see it after it was taken.

We moved inside to get some pictures with the Christmas tree and I just love her expression. I think it epitomizes all older kids reactions to their little brothers or sisters.


There’s that smile!

But with all good things…they must come to an end. This solidified him being done.

I loved doing these and though I’m not sure I’m meant to be a baby photographer, I enjoyed getting to experience this opportunity.

I did get to do my very first family photo shoot with my sister and her beautiful family over Christmas. Those will be up some time next week since I haven’t had a chance to sit down and edit them, not to mention let me sister see them. I’m such a mean sister but they’ll be coming soon enough, promise!

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the blogivers said...

Such cute little subjects!

Natalie said...

These are so good Emily! Love 'em! And that last one was pretty funny. I guess you wore the little guy out!

Sam {} said...

so cute!!! you did a great job :)

p.s. ordered my new camera this morning. weeeeee!!

Laura said...

All of the pics came out great! could they not with such adorable subjects!


Stephanie said...

Oh my word! SO CUTE! Great job!

LeAnna said...

Absolutely adorable, girl! Your color editing and soft skin tone is fantastic on these. The one of the cat freaked me out, because at first glance I thought it was a snake??!?!! Because obviously people take pics of their babies with snakes.....

I think I need a nap.

Clarinda said...

Nice job, Emily! I love the one with bro and sis under the tree.

Tabitha Lynn said...

Ready, a cheer.

Good job! Good Job! (clap clap)
Good job! Good Job! (clap clap)

Still working on instagram, you'll be the first lol.


Annie M Culley said...

Love the pictures! Oh how I wish you lived closer and I'd hire you to do a shoot of my seem to have the knack! Great job!!

Kristin said...

These are darling Emily. Just darling. I'm sure it must take so much patience to work with little ones for a shoot! Looks like you did a great job :-)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i love the second pic and the last three the best! lovely, girl! you are rad!!!

Lauren Taddeo said...

Oh my goodness these are all so precious!! x


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