Monday, January 2, 2012

New year of thanks

Happy 2012 to everyone. I’m wondering if me writing 2012 will come easier than 2011. I caught myself still writing 2010 in October. I apparently hadn’t come to terms with it yet. Anyone else have that problem?

I did the coolest thing Saturday night right before the clock struck 12. We didn’t have the tv on any countdown shows but instead watched the clock on my phone at 11:59, and after awhile of watching it, I started counting down from 10 and right after I said 1, it changed to 12!

We were so excited. I realize that might be a boring story but we thought it was the coolest that I was spot on.

We spent the first day of the year watching football. All. Day. Long. Were you aware it was on all day long??? It was… I’m just happy the Raiders lost.

That is all.

This new year, new week, I’m thankful for:

- all this time with my love. I can’t get enough of this guy. Its been so so so nice having his company this past week. I’m loving every minute of him being here.
- a wonderful Christmas and New Year season.
- time with almost all my family. We had everyone but my other brother together. I finally got to see my new niece who’s 6 months old and she is so precious. So so precious.
just woke up from a nap on Oma

- my other niece who I haven’t seen in a long long time being excited to see me. There’s nothing like being nervous they’ll forget their Auntie. When I walked in the room, her face lit up and she ran over to hug me. That seriously made me so happy.

- a Terminator-athon with G-man. Every night for the past 4 nights, we’ve watched a Terminator movie. I highly recommend doing this. Everything all makes sense when you watch them in a row. It answered so many questions we had about them.

- knowing I have 1 more week with G-man.

- seeing a crazy dangerous teenage driver speeding and weaving in and out of traffic on the freeway. Then seeing him 1 1/2 hours later pulled over by a cop in town. Seriously, what are the odds of seeing him again in town…and pulled over??! We were happy to see him pulled over.

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful weekend. We went out to eat super early to avoid all the crazies and couldn’t believe how erratic everyone was driving on our way home, at 6:30. I was so relieved when we got home without issues. What is it with New Years Eve that makes people think they can drive like maniacs? Don’t they know cops are all over the place??

I digress.

Happy start to the New Year to you!

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Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

Happy new year!! Tis so sweet to spend the holiday season with the ones you love most. =) Enjoy the rest of your week with your love! ... I know exactly what you mean about being afraid your niece will forget you... I used to worry about that, but it hasn't happened yet. So I think it's pretty safe to assume it won't happen ever. {phew!}

meme-and-he said...

Oma is adorable :) And that IS the coolest countdown story! I am super impressed!

Sam {} said...

happy new year to you and your love!! so happy you have had tons of time together :)

Lib at Truly His said...

Looks like y'all had a fabulous New Years! Just wanted you to know that your comments are always so heartfelt on my blog and I enjoy reading them. :) Thank you for stopping by! Happy New Year!

Tabitha Lynn said...

Happy New year! We're texting so I'll leave it at that.

meghan said...

I think your story is fun! One time when I was in middle school I was waiting on my mom to come pick me up at school to go to the dentist during the day. She was running late and I didn't know where she was. So I started picturing her at where she might be on the rout to school. And right when in my head she was turning the corner her car actually did turn the corner. Sort of the same. I definitely get it.

And I just love that you saw the kid again pulled over. I always want things like that to happen and I'm so glad that it happened to you!

Kristin said...

Happy New Year Emily! I worry about my nephews forgetting me too...they live in CA-across the country and we barely see them once a year. I love that your niece was excited to see you!

Stephanie said...

I hope you had a wonderful New Year, and may you have a beautiful 2012! : )

carissa at lowercase letters said...

enjoy your week with gman. although i do hope you have more than just one left. ; ) cheers to many more - even if it means an ocean spans the distance. although, hopefully one day that will come to an end!

i do love your phone story. you're so accurate, girl!

cutest baby shot. love it. it captures such a precious moment of affection and what a gorgeous, beautiful baby niece you have!

happy new year, sweet thang.


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