Friday, July 13, 2012

L stands for letter

Oh happy Friday, I’m so happy you finally graced us with your happy presence. I’m not going to say you took your time, but I think we know you kinda did.

its been awhile since I’ve seen this. *sad face*

Dear Friday, I forgive’re here now.
Dear work, you actually had work for me to do this week. For the record, it kinda got in the way of my daily blog reading and commenting. What say you go back to normal next week.
Dear L, I loved our hours of texting yesterday morning while I was at work. I giggled a lot…which kinda gave away the fact that I wasn’t doing all that work I just mentioned.
Dear co workers going bowling while I’m left ‘watching the office’, no hurt feelings. Are you kidding? This let’s me have the entire office to myself! A complete luxury if you ask me.
Dear boss, I’m still enjoying giving you a hard time for making me stay back while you all have fun together.
Dear friend who’s name is Erin, the sunflowers won’t be up forever. Do I have to schedule an appointment with you just to hangout? Because I will.
Dear single women, did you know that sometimes you have to schedule time to hangout with married mommy friends like its an appointment? I had to with a friend…let’s hope she doesn’t cancel it!
Dear USPS, coming home to a very large box at my door was great! Seeing a pick up slip for another box stating it was ‘unsafe to leave at the front door’ was not great. Care to explain that to me? 1 box is ok, but 2..oh no!! Its unsafe! Lame.
Dear homemade blended coffee drink, you were so darn good…and easy. 1/2 C ice, 1/2 C cold coffee, 1/4 C sweet condensed milk..blend blend, dabble of cocoa/whip… mmm mmm good! We will now be best friends forever and ever.


Now go enjoy your days, evenings and weekends. Tonight will be filled with me meeting my quota for forced compliments. I don’t even kid. Last night’s amount was a little low so tonight I’m gonna have to step up my game to get more. Have you gotten your 5 yet??


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Erin Pasillas said...

Yeah... Pretty much:(

Natalie said...

haha! I can relate to the making "appointments" with the marrieds. It all feels very formal sometimes =)

Noa / said...

I wanted to add a compliment your way -- happy friday, gorgeous!!! I think you pretty much rock :)

Lauren said...

Friday was EXTREMELY slow, much slower then last week. Which reminds me of your suggestion of Wednesdays off? Yes?


Happy Friday


Daisy said...

I hate it when the UPS does that! I feel like I'm doing their job for them. Grrr

Megan said...

I hate when they don't leave the packages at the door. Like I really want to go and find it. Haha.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I had two packages at my door today and it is fun! Of course I cannot enjoy anything that we received. One was a razor for my husband and the other coffee for the keurig. I don't even like the smell of coffee at this moment.

meghan said...

That's actually really great that you had the office to yourself. I'm sure you enjoyed that!

And about scheduling appointments, I know what you mean. We're getting old...ah!

And I got a note from USPS or UPS telling me that it wasn't safe to leave something one time. It made me so so so mad. I called and said could I leave a note saying I'm willing to take the risk, and the woman told me it was the driver's discretion. It's like I live where there are hoodlums poking their noses out of bushes to steal the next bed bath and beyond box that comes to someone's door. Too funny/Not at all.

Nicholl Vincent said...

love that peaceful photo!

visit :)



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