Monday, July 2, 2012

A thankful me - 25

Its Juuuuuuuuuly! You know what that means, right!?!?


And the best part of all, is my birthday is at the END of the month so we get to celebrate it for the entire month leading up to it. Don’t you wish you could be so lucky!? So far its started out alright. I’m hoping it picks up some, which I figure it will, only to end in awesomeness…which I figure it will.

Over the weekend, I had my yard sale. Waking up at 5:45 in the morning to get over to my friend’s house to set everything up is not my idea of a nice Saturday morning, but I’m the one that wanted it, so up at 5:45 I was! I’ll save all the rather unbecoming remarks of the ‘clientele’ that showed and give you the highlights.

I overprice things. Its what I do. As the day wears on, I’ll drop the prices to make sure those things sell. Early in the morning one came up to me with a top I was selling for $10, only my friend’s $1 sticker was on it. My first thought was, ‘oh crap, they must have gotten stuck together and now I’m going to have to sell this for $1.’ Then the reality of it hit me as I got a good look at the sticker. This woman took my $10 sticker off and placed the $1 sticker on it.

oh no, she di’int!!

Needless to say, she didn’t buy my top. All in all, I made $140! It was quite the long successful day!

Since I missed last week, I feel I have a ton to be thankful for today,
- a safe trip to and from Milwaukee
- a chance to spend much needed uninterrupted girl time with a bunch of wonderful women
- my carpets getting cleaned today. Something I’ve wanted for so so so long. I can’t wait to get home from work to see them!
- great new friends
- getting all dressed up for an occasion. Its been a long time since I’ve gone all out for an event
feel free to note, this is close to the most makeup I’ve ever worn and at first I thought I had ‘big hair’
- a work potluck where they loved my zucchini brownies!! Always a success when they love what you made, don’t you agree?
- being able to stock up on my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee directly and not online. Seriously, it’s the little things sometimes!
- having my patio chairs be complete and finally taking advantage of them on a nice quiet Sunday afternoon
- a/c in my apartment. Definitely do not take this for granted
- being able to afford to run my a/c

Is anyone else a little down that the 4th is on a Wednesday? I feel like its ruined everything. And by everything I mean a chance for a 3 day weekend… BUT at least I get Wednesday off. It’ll be a nice little break of my work week, I suppose.

Happy Monday and Happy July. Feel free to wish me a Happy birthday (or birthmonth) every day this month, if you feel so inclined.

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Lisa said...

Happy birthday month gorgeous girl!!!

The Heart Of A Woman said...

You look beautiful! Happy birthday month!!!

Natalie said...

Yea for birthday month!!! =)

Behold the Metatron said...

yay for our birthday month!!!


sandi said...

happy birthday month!

if you think you have big hair remember that some of us were in high school in the 80's ~ now that was some seriously big hair!

meghan said...

Happy Birthmonth! Mine's the 2nd of I don't get to celebrate the whole month. Sad day.

Did a miss a recipe for zucchini brownies?? I have zucchinis here and am having a July 4th get together! I want!

Your hair looks so pretty. It is not big hair at all. It is beautiful hair that I would kill for.

And I definitely need to have a yard sale...After the wedding Tim and I are going to have to do some serious sorting and tossing...I will have to find out our neighborhood policies about yard sales.

Wendy said...

Love your hair and your dress! So pretty!

Yay for a/c. And co-workers that love your brownies. And awesome patio furniture! :)

Happy Birth Month, friend!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Birthday month, birthday sex. Love it.

I need your patio, and a garage sale stat.


Jennifer Blair said...

Yay for birthday months!!! ;) You look so gorgeous in that photo!!!

Megan said...

You look STUNNING in that dress!! Hot little lady!! Glad you are back!!

LeAnna said...

Woohoo for garage sales and makin' money! I'm to total opposite, I price my stuff too cheap and my Mom goes behind me and marks it up. :P Also, woohoo for birthdays. Mine is sooooon!


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