Friday, July 27, 2012

dear dear dear Friday

Alright folks, this is it! This marks the last Friday I’ll ever spend as a 30 year old. I’m going to live it up with a potluck at work. That’s right! Things are going to get cray-zay today! The next you hear from me I’ll be…31! *gasp*


Dear Lauren, thank you so much for the Liebster Award. You’re too sweet!!

Dear basil plant, you’re doing real good there buddy. Keep up the yumminess for me.

photo (40)
Dear guys, close your eyes, count to 10 and when you open them jump down 2 letters..k, thanks. ..or you know, just jump down 2 letters without the counting.

Dear ladies, I’m in love with Kohl’s. I got a $36 bra that didn’t fit right, returned it for a full refund, walked over, got the exact same bra, in the correct size and paid only $9 for it. I may have pumped my fists in the air repeatedly in excitement at the checkout.

Dear Kohl’s, you’re just plain awesome. No two ways about it. Darn stinking awesome.

Dear signature salad, you will rock the potluck. I know this before anyone’s even had you because I’m that confident in your abilities to shine. ((cucumber, tomato, feta salad with avocado. With a drizzling of Caesar dressing))
photo (41)
Dear wrinkles, I saw you! If it wasn’t for the dental hygienist forcing me to hold the mirror to my face with the light just so, I never would have seen that you’re slowly creeping up on me.

Dear neck cream, …here I come.

Dear ladies, DON’T FORGET TO MOISTURIZE YOUR NECKS! …preferably the ‘jowl’ area.. otherwise you’ll be holding a mirror in the dentist’s chair with the light pointed just so thinking, oh dear Lord, when did those get there!? as she’s explaining to you (a 30 year old woman) how to properly brush your teeth..with toothbrush in mouth and everything.

Dear facial flex facial exerciser, …I will be buying you in my future and I’ll no doubt make sure no one ever sees me using you either. But I have all the confidence in the world you’ll give me that little boost I’m looking for.

Dear ladies, thank you for such a great response to my decal post. I don’t think I’ve had a post of mine spread around like that before. It makes me so happy to know you took the time to tell your friends to help open their eyes too. I saw so many of them come from facebook and twitter to read it. So, thank you! thank you for sharing.

Have a fun and enjoyable weekend. My agenda consists of a pedicure. A much needed pedicure. My toes are squealing with delight.

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Michelle said...

I will be moisterising myself all over from now on I promise! Wish my basil plant was growing like yours, I lerve basil so tasty. Have a fab weekend x

The Heart Of A Woman said...

Happy Birthday Emily! Have a great birthday weekend! I can't wait to here all about it!

Lauren said...

Happy early birthday!! Your welcome for the award!!

And I LOVE the looks of that salad. It sounds yummy and I might be having that soon :)

Happy Friday!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday weekend gorgeous!

Natalie said...

Have an awesome birthday weekend!!! =D I love Kohls too! I save so much money there =)

Kim said...

Stopping by from Friday's letters. Have a great birthday!! Your signature salad looks delicious and will totally kick butt!

Allie said...

i think that signature salad is calling my name...

Allie said...

i think that signature salad is calling my name...

Tatiana said...

I'm so jealous of your basil plant! Those are my signature kind of salads too. So yummy!
Have a blast this weekend celebrating your birthday girly!

Kendra Castillo said...

Happy Birthday! I will have to say that Im nearing 30 in a few years but the neck cream has already been applied. It never hurts to be proactive, right..

Sammantha said...

Lol definitely going to remember my neck from now on!

Stop by and say hi sometime!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Have a fantastic birthday Emily!!!


carissa at lowercase letters said...

happy birthday! enjoy that pedicure, too!!

basil is amazing. i want to add it to everything. i added fresh basil to spaghetti and it tasted 1,000 times better.

i've been to kohl's like once. maybe i ought to change that!

Amanda Wissmann said...

Oh! Oh! When is your birthday!??! and P.S. You look faaaabulous for (almost 31!)

Hahaha to the guys thing. You KNOW they all read about your bra story though. Boys are nosy. and YES! I totally would have done a fist pump too!

Oh, Kohls....I miss you! I used to go there as a last resort. and then I realized that EVERY TIME I went, I found something I loved! Now it's my first stop!

Have a wonderful pedicure and an even more wonderful weekend!

Megan said...

Happy birthday!!!! Can't wait to hear from you as a 31 year old! : )

Nicholl Vincent said...

that salad sounds so good!!

have a great weekend! come say hello at

sophistifunk said...

your signature salad looks soooo delicious!

xo brie


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