Thursday, July 5, 2012

I got botox

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It’s true. It’s true, I got botox, and I loooooooove that I did!

I suppose I should explain since I’ll be bursting many bubbles here. It wasn’t botox cosmetic, but just botox. Did you know there’s 2 different kinds? “Botox cosmetic” is the face freezing muscle kind. “Botox” is for everything else. Feel free to read all about it on the mayo clinic's website.

So why would I possibly need botox and why would I ever go through with such a horrible thing?? {as some may see it} Because this girl here has suffered with an embarrassing thing called excessive sweating for over 15 years. When I say excessive sweating…I mean excessive sweating. Running down the side of my body excessive.

Paint a nice picture for you? You’re welcome.

And with excessive sweating comes its morbidly embarrassing constant companion…smell. I did everything I could think of to help this issue. I switched to men’s deodorant for years, but it did little to help, though it was far better than women’s…and cheaper too! Seriously, I didn’t realize we pay twice the amount for 1/2 the size for women’s deodorant! What a crock! – I digress.

I used the extremely painful ‘stop sweating’ roll ons w/lots of aluminum that left me burning for days. I did everything imaginable… remember G-man and my first date? With the napkins?? Yeah, who wants to smell on the first date!!?

So when I talked with my amazing Dermatologist about my ever so sensitive issue, she assured me botox would fix everything! I was quickly on board. Others in my life *cough* G-man *cough* weren’t so keen on the idea. But when a lot of our relationship revolves around me asking him to do the ‘smell test’ <that’s love, people!> …. I felt it was worth whatever risks there may be, because a girl can only take so much humiliation asking and changing of clothes, sometimes up to 3 times a day.

The confidence is pretty much non existent at that point.

Fast forward to the day. There I lay in the chair, with each underarm plastered with betadine and baking soda with 2 lamps pointed on each to promote as much sweating as possible. My view for over an hour.
Finally it was time. It was incredibly easy to get done, pokes in the left..pokes in the right, and bam all done. Virtually pain free. The botox weakens the action of the sweat glands, in case you’re wondering.

~I took pictures of my armpit afterward but I realized you probably have no desire to see an armpit, so I spared you. you’re welcome~

She said it would take up to a week to see the results and they'd be subtle, but friends, let me tell you by the next day I could tell. It is amazing! When I knew there should be “my” sweat, there wasn’t. Even by the end of the day, I still had a clean smell. I can’t even express to you how thrilled I was.

Do I still sweat? Yes. but as a normal person would, as I like to think of it. Its been 3 weeks and my confidence is through the roof. I’m back on women’s deodorant and enjoy smelling like a girl again. I enjoy being able to leave my arms at my side and not fear what’s brewing, or raise them high in the air and not have to do the quick smell test to see if I need to put them back down.

I’m beyond relieved I got this done. Its needed every 6 months, and all I can say is I’ll be enjoying every day of these 6 months until I get it done again and I’ll be enjoying those 6 months that follow.

The ultimate test was the plane ride to Milwaukee. Normally one of the worst moments for me as I have to take a back up shirt to change midway, but I passed with flying colors, I couldn’t believe the difference. I even stayed in the same top until 1am the next morning, I was blown away and truly thankful for this procedure.
                                                                                           my plane outfit

Tell me:
Would you ever get either botox? Which one?

Are you against getting any form of botox done?

There’s many different medical conditions that botox helps with, its not the superficial reasons many associate with it. Here's just a few.

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Lisa said...

Oh WOW I did not know that botox had so many uses.

I am so happy that it worked for you. I had the same issue when I was younger but as I have gotten older it has subsided. I still use unscented male deo because it lasts longer for me than women's deo.

If botox could resolve a medical issue for me I would do it not so sure about the cosmetic one tho!!

Enjoy your day

LeAnna said...

I, too, had this issue when I was younger. It was so awful, so I'm glad the botox worked for you!!!

the blogivers said...

Who knew Botox could fix that?! I feel like there are probably a lot of health issues I have/had that could be easily fixed by something I just don't know about... smart of you to tell your doctor about it!

Beka Fox said...

What!? I had no idea that it fixed that! That's amazing!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

Kendra said...

I totally had this issue in high school, like you said literally my "pit stains" would be up and down my side. Drove me insane! Glad the Botox worked for you yeah!!!

Katie said...

Um...what?! Did your insurance cover this?! I have the exact same sweating condition, and HATE it. I use drysol, but even that doesn't really help. Girl...I'm totally looking into this!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

I would totally do it! I want it, do you still need deodorant? Or no?


Becky [For All Seasons] said...

That's great, girl! You're awesome for putting yourself out there and sharing something that most girls would choose to keep a secret forever. =) I would probably do the same and get the botox treatment if it meant being much more comfortable with myself on a daily basis.

Tatiana said...

That is totally awesome! And it looks like thanks to your post, there will be a few less stinky/sweaty people out there. Amen to the botox!

Lauren said...

I did not know they can treat sweating with botox! I sweat horribly on my face. Its horrible! Damp hair and no make-up, red face... I might see what they could do for my face?? hmm.

Thanks for being transparent! LOL You really do make me laugh :)


Taylor said...

I'm not against botox of any kind. It's your body and I say if you are comfortable doing something to it, then go for it. My mom received regular botox for her migraines. It worked. She grew up with the darn headaches and after tons of different kinds of meds/TMJ Surgery and who knows what else she endured to get rid of them...botox was the only thing that worked long term. She would have treatments done every 3 months and was covered by insurance. So props to you for finding something that works for you too! :)

Jossie said...

I'm so happy for you! I'm not against either form of Botox but whether I would do it for myself is up in the air. I've thought about it....I'm a stomach sleeper which means lots of crazy creases on my face but who knows if I'd ever get it done. But I'll never say never.

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Emily, I think that's great. I am ALL for having procedures done that will help boost your confidence... Botox Cosmetic, or otherwise. I, for one, fully plan to get Botox for wrinkles someday, and possibly a boob job after having babies. Haha. You only live once, so might as well do what's necessary to feel great in your skin. :)

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