Monday, July 9, 2012

A thankful me - 26

I’m so thankful its Monday, said no one ever.

Kidding! Yesterday, I woke up to my alarm going off. I jumped out of bed and started my normal work day routine when I stopped and said, today’s Sunday! Now that I was thankful for…and after declaring said thankfulness, I lied back down.

Eventually I got up to endure the dreaded and vile Wal-O-Mart. I can only stomach that place before 10am on weekends, so I hurried as fast I could and left in the nick, of all the approaching crazies, time. One guy had the courtesy of belching right when I walked by. I held my breath

I’m thankful for
- not smelling his icky breath
- finally getting my beloved Blue Bunny ice cream..its only sold at that vile place so its hard to load up
- indulging on this tasty cup o’ ice cream from the swedish creamery
photo (18)
- leaving work 15 minutes early on Friday, even though everyone else left an hour before at BOTH offices leaving me alone. It was still nice to duck out early.
- having such an easy job. Sometimes its too easy
- deep cleaning my stovetop and oven. I’m embarrassed at how grimy they were but amazed at how great they look
- my carpets being so clean. Best $30 I ever spent
- a day off in the middle of the week. As much as it messed me up it was still pretty fantastic

Yesterday, I very awkwardly had a woman (a married woman at that) tell me she wanted to see me in a bathing suit to see my body. All I could do was stare at her. Then her sister agreed, followed by her calling me a “B” for being so skinny because they were jealous (their words).

I said with an awkward laugh that I workout and moved on to another topic.

It amazes me the lack of filter on some.

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Natalie said...

lol! **that's not awkward at all**


Lisa said...

Happy birthday month gorgeous!!!

Daisy said...

Haha. You meet the most awkward people! I never know what to say in those situations, most of the time I stare uncomfortably. lol

meghan said...

Oh my gosh. Waking up yesterday thinking it was Monday and then realizing it was Sunday really must have been the very very best.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I loooove ice cream and am very thankful for it as well! Speaking of no filter, i had a guy tell me yesterday women everywhere were plotting my death bc the only place I was gaining weight was in my belly where the baby was growing haha. I'm only 19 weeks so who know where th weight will be by the end, but I hope no one wants to kill me over it :)

meme-and-he said...

hahaha that is super awkward. how did she expect you to respond to that? "uh, sure. I actually have my suit right here. wanna see?!" SO WEIRD.

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Now I want icecream dangit

Erin Pasillas said...

I'm thinking the 'in a bikini' part WAS the filter for what she was really thinkin' ;) har de har!!

Rachel said...

Ahh...thinking it's Monday and then realising it's still the weekend - bliss!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

That story is kind of awful. Where do there people come from? I guess it was meant to be a compliment though, I am still not sure it makes it ok. Who calls a complete strange a B?


Megan said...

Hahahaha. Your comments about Wal-Mart made me laugh! I feel the exact same way! If only we lived close so we could go together!


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