Friday, June 29, 2012

My 6th grade “friend”

I was in full preparation mode for the big yard sale I’m having tomorrow, sorting through the closets, the rooms, pricing everything, then hitting the garage. I went through the big storage bins, finding things that *cough* G-man will never miss *cough cough* and coming across a childhood box that my mom dumped bestowed upon me.

Inside were awards, my kindergarden graduation certificate all framed (so cute) and pictures from the years. Sadly some great pictures from my childhood were melted together and I’m not sure if they can be salvaged. If anyone has any great tips for pulling them apart where I can savor them, please let me know. I thought I’d brought all my pictures inside, out of the heat, but missed these and now I’m all sad.

But another thing that I can across…a thing that made me shake my head in pure silliness was a note from an old “friend” from the 6th grade.
Just in case you can’t see it, she writes;
Dear (my last name),
How are you? I am fine. You look like you are sick. Did Jessica B. call you last night. Did you tell her you didn’t want to be her friend? Is she going to sit by you at lunch?
Write back
ps. Did you have fun at my house?

This is a perfect example of a 6th grade friendship. I feel like we were so close with how intimate this note is. I have to say I wanted to tell Jessica B. I didn’t want to be her friend a lot, though I don’t think I ever did. I was too chicken..and well pretty immature. But I thought this was hilarious and so true to how 11 year olds are with each other. So fickle.

Have a fabulous weekend, my dears! Enjoy watching the Olympic trials or pre-trials. Whatever they are. And seriously, if you know how to pull apart pictures without total damage, let me know! I can’t have my adorableness go to waste!

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the blogivers said...

Notes like this make me so glad I'm not in middle school anymore :) My favorite part is how she tells you that you look sick! No filter.

Beka Fox said...

completely agree with the lady above me.
Middle School was a dark time and it's TRULY when MEAN GIRLS come out FULL FORCE. I'm certain that MEAN GIRLS the movie should have been placed in MIDDLE school years... or wait.. .maybe it was?

sandi said...

i found some letters from my best friend in high school that we wrote back and forth while in college. he had gone up north and i headed south. they were so funny! he was talking intramural sports, drinking games and wrestling practice and i can only imagine that i was mentioning campus crusade, hours in a small room practicing the piano and studying. we are still friends to this day although we have been states apart since high school. so fun to stumble upon a box like that.

sorry i have no tips for pictures. we had some water damage a few years ago and some of ours got wet and then dried together. that was in the age prior to digital technology.

Behold the Metatron said...

oh my gosh I love it! I would love to find a note like this. Definitely do not want to find actual love notes from high school though... LMAO. Talk about embarrassing!


Daisy said...

Ugh! I hated middle school and high school. Good thing I'm a stud now. Haha. This letter is too funny and yes, sadly what we were like in middle school.

I have no tips for pictures but I'm sure pinterest does.

arielle elise. said...

haha oh that is just adorable! brings back memories of the letter writing in class! oh to be in 6th grade again- ha! :)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

thank goodness we're nicer to our friends the older we get (hopefully). ha ha! cute!!

Ariel Tyler said...

hah. love this! I love finding random things from childhood that make you laugh at childhood ridiculousness.

Ariel Tyler said...

hah. love this! I love finding random things from childhood that make you laugh at childhood ridiculousness.

LeAnna said...

Toooo funny! This reminds me of the note I found stuck in a book I got at a garage sale. Between Shuree and her friend Kandi. There was mention of a boy and his beeper, a gang and getting shot. I like your note better, even though it makes me grateful I was homeschooled. I only had to deal with this kind of drama at church, which was more than enough for me!


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