Thursday, June 7, 2012

Riddle me this


I’m going to work your brains today.

I came across a riddle that I’ve had tucked away for 7+ years and starting wondering if you could guess the answer…the answer that I got right immediately.. (just sayin’)

Maybe you’ve read it before, but let’s see if you know the answer.

Read this question and come up with the answer. This is not a trick question.

A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met this guy whom she didn’t know. She thought this guy was amazing, so much her dream guy she believed him to be just that! She fell in love with him right there, but never asked for his number and couldn’t find him.

A few days later she killed her sister.

Question: What is her motive in killing her sister? (Give this some thought before you answer)

I made it so you can’t see comments, so everyone can give their answers.

I’ll tell you what it is tomorrow.
Can’t wait to see what you think it is!!

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