Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Like two peas in a pod

Oh my gosh guys, I have to tell you this story in light of yesterday’s post!

I could seriously do a post a day for a whole month on cop stories..not prison stories, but cop-getting pulled over or about to-stories. I have that many of them…

be jealous

But I remembered this one last night and felt it was a must to share because it’s a G-man story.

Remember him? Yeah, haven’t talked about him much lately, but he’s still around…just 3,000+ miles away “around” so no point in talking about my boo-hoos of long distance, hence the quiet about that lately.

oh, how I miss that arm…

Anyhoo, on our first (but really) second date, if you remember we went to San Francisco (feel free to catch up if you need) and on our way there, over an hour into our drive, things were going great. We were in the bay area where traffic was heavy and lanes were plentiful. Off in the distance, I saw a chippy and said so. Then saw another on the side w/an unfortunate driver.

But we didn’t see the other one until the last minute and he was already getting back into traffic and quickly picking up speed behind us.

My first thought, as is always my first thought when I see a cop coming up from behind, is to concede. Slow down to the ‘general’ speed limit and hope he doesn’t get behind me.

Now G-man had a cooompletely different thought.

He doesn’t slow down, but keeps his (pretty fast speed) and finds the nearest exit.
the. nearest. exit!

I was sitting in the passenger thinking, what in the world is this guy doing?! He took the ‘eluding the cop’ to a whole new level by running “scared” (in my opinion) and finding a place to hide so the cop couldn’t find him. I can’t even tell you how much of a hard time I was giving him. I didn’t care it was only our 2nd date, I made it known I thought he was insane for running to hide.

yes, one of my finer moments

Eventually we got back on the freeway. The cop wasn’t coming for us, which only led me to tease him more for his actions, but to this day I laugh at his method of getting out of a ticket. We all have our ways, I suppose. Mine generally were saying I had my weapon in the car or being in my uniform, or flashing that smile of mine (what can I say)…I realize these instances were post pull over vs the pre…but its all the same.

I guess we make a good pair, though.
On 1 hand you have me…who’s had a cop believe I was leading him on a high speed chase for 11 miles before pulling over.
and on the other, you have G-man…who gets pulled over for ever so gently saying to a cop (as the cop was passing G-man(who rightfully was going the proper speed)) ‘you gotta be kidding me!’.

We’re quite the pair, we are…and that’s why you gotta love us.

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Lisa said...

I hope you get to see that "arm" soon!!

Daisy said...

Haha, ill be sure to never go for a ride with you two. I'm the pull over as quickly as possible and put my hands on my steering wheel person.

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Haha I don't speed so whenever I see police I curse them for being in my space on my road. Cuz clearly I own them all. ;)

You two are so cute, when do you get to see him next?

Tagged you in my post today. xx

Lindsay said...

I can't believe he took an exit. That's too funny!

Megan said...

Boo on long distance. That makes me sad. I hope y'all get to see each other soon...without cops!!

meme-and-he said...

haha at least you balance each other out!!

christine donee said...

and love you, we do!


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