Friday, June 22, 2012

All these changes

So many changes have happened, I don’t really know how to take it.

Friends, you know I stopped eating cheese months ago. It was my love, my favorite food group, the thing I ate everyday, sometimes 2, 3 times a day. Cheese was me.

Along with cheese, candy became a ‘once upon a time’ eat as well. But after all these months I bought sliced swiss and provolone and I almost cried I hated them both.

They taste horrible!!

What has happened to me!!??

I don’t know who I am anymore.
– I cry.

Then I had my once favorite peanut butter M&M’s just a few days ago (after months and months without) and they too were nasty. They were so fake tasting. So many sad days lately…so many. I think its safe to say I’m a permanently changed woman.

Enough of the sadness! Its Friday and aren’t we all thrilled? Today's my last day before my schedule gets all crazy. And the crazy will last until the following Sunday! Tomorrow I get to get up at 4am to make my 7am flight in the city. I'm already curled up in the fetal position thinking about it. I don't look forward to the long flight that follows either...but I'll be having a bit o' fun with a whole bunch of girls in...are you ready for this??


Did you know you can have fun in Milwaukee? I didn't know either.
kidding for all you Milwaukee...ens?? Is that what you're called?

I'll be there till Wednesday and I know the whole time I'm there, the schedule will be jam packed with stuff. Its going to be one of those trips where I come back even more exhausted than when I left. Rumor has it we get little to no sleep on this trip. I'm already yawning in preparation.

I don't plan on taking my laptop {this is a huge decision that also might leave me in the fetal position} so I may be a wee bit absent here next week. I'll have my cell phone with me... I can't leave everything behind, and I have no doubt I'll be tweeting and posting pictures on instagram, so if you wanted to follow along with my trip, you can follow me on instagram (emilygrapes) and twitter!!

This might cure my current blog funk I've been in lately since this girl leads a dull life that leaves me with nothing to blog about. Gone are the days of jetting off to Hawaii and island hopping, and telling you all about it. So stick around, things might get crazy fun when I get back!
I might talk about these bad boys {which is crazy fun to me!}

and just how much I love doing them.IMG_2646
What great plans do you have this weekend?
Are you going to miss me? {only answer that if the answer is yes}

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Lisa said...

Travel safe and have a wonderful time which will result in a week's worth of posts and photos photos photos!!!!

Noa / said...

You know you're going to be great blog buddies when you know you're gonna miss someone's posts after 1 week of following them :)

This weekend I'm getting together with girlfriends! And taking Aviv to a birthday party! And doing a photoshoot! Woot my life is so exciting :) LOL

Daisy said...

Say what!? Have a wonderful trip in Milwaukee! I too wish I could give those things up. You have inspired me.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

Have fun! I know the feeling of loving something and going without it for a while only to find out my love for that thing has died :( I believe I am better off without things such as diet coke though :)

Megan said...

YES! I am going to miss you!! And I can't believe that the cheese was nasty. Are you sure?!!?! I stopped drinking diet coke for 3 months and when I tried it again for the first time, I spit it out. Haha.

meghan said...

I know how you feel about changing tastes. I won't go to the extreme you're experiencing, but I definitely don't pang for sugar like I used to and look at processed foods with a different eye than I did before. And greasy, fried foods look and taste disgusting to me. But cheese? I'm not sure I could ever really give up cheese.

Enjoy your trip!!

Jennifer Blair said...

Whoa! Good for you giving up on those! Processed foods especially taste funny after not eating them for a while. However, it's very easy to get used to them again...or at least for me! Ha!

Callie Nicole said...

I hope you have a great trip!

christine donee said...

I too have broken up with cheese. It was messy. And there were tears. But. Dare I say... I am better for it?

Le sigh.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Sounds like a fun trip...enjoy! And your life is never too
Boring because it's your own:-)


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