Friday, August 26, 2011

There’s no place like pseudo home

It was necessary. To say it was a matter of life or death isn’t too much of an exaggeration. Death was creeping slowly to my door. Would you believe it almost got me!?

Monday in all my whoa is me-ness, G-man says ‘why don’t you fly out tomorrow for a couple weeks?’ Tuesday became Thursday since I had a prior engagement Wednesday and the plan became official.

Hawaii. I am. IN!!
Hello, gorgeous beauty. How I have missed you.

But most of all, I’ve missed this man, the deep down dark, kind of missing.
seriously having to get creative here with “pictures” of him. *sigh*

My plans for this trip:
Refer to picture above.

He’ll be working his normal work schedule, so I’ll be around all day long, but we’ll get to be a ‘normal couple’ for a short while and that I’ll relish in. Oh how you normal couples have it so good.

I know some of you were pretty quick to guess my destination, yesterday. There’s no putting anything past you guys. ; ) I know it wasn’t that hard, where else would I get all super giddy and excited over??

I sure hope every single one of you have a wonderful weekend. I’m thinking I will…even if he already had plans to go to a football game with a buddy. It’s all good…because, I’ll be there after to hear how it went as he tells person and not over the phone. *happy sigh*

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The Blogivers said...

I am so smart! Have fun :)

Natalie said...

I wish I could pick up and leave... grrr... college sometimes sucks. =P Hope you have a great time! =D

Sam {} said...

YAY!!!! so happy for you two love birds :)

have the best time.

Tabitha Lynn said...

So fun, I hope you have the best trip with your man!!!

Laura Elizabeth said...

I hope you continue to have a wonderful time in a beautiful setting! Also congrats on taking an impulsive trip... they're always the best.

Kris said...

Love Hawaii. I know you'll have such an amazing time!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, Hawaii??? Have so much fun with your love!!!

angie on maui said...

Hey pretty lady! I hope you are enjoying your QT with the G-Man...I was so happy to read that you took this impromptu trip! You deserve it!

Happy Weekending with your Love!


Christina said...


Tatiana said...

First, I'm so glad that you're able to hold Gman's hand and add another picture of his random body parts to your collection.
Second, I'm glad we've settled that I'm pretty much always right, since you are in Hawaii, and I said that's where you'll be.

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

WOOHOO for spontaneity!! =)


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