Monday, August 22, 2011

I’m thankful for 27

Good day everyone! Can we all realize that August is fast coming to an end and I’m not sure that it didn’t just start?! Craziness. School is starting back up this week for some and all I hear is madness going on with everyone getting back to their normal scheduled. And by everyone, I mean those with kiddies and you teachers out there.

There’s absolutely zero madness going on around me. How about you? Is madness abounding??

So this week, I’m making up for my lack of thanks from last and found tons. Crazy when I actually focus on it throughout the week and make it a point to remember.

I’m thankful for

- calling the billing department for a doctor’s bill to inquire about 2 bills and having her, without even asking, take 20% off the largest bill. Apparently they do that, just cause and if you don’t call, you won’t get it. (note to self, always call before paying from here on out!)

- dear sweet Katie who told me through twitter that sometimes hospitals will write off your entire bill if you call and explain ‘your situation’ and sometimes they’ll do it without you even explaining! (note to self, always always call to ‘explain my situation’ to reduce ridiculous medical bills)

- driving safely to everywhere I needed to go, and the generosity of my friend letting me stay at her place for the night.

- getting a good report from the doc and his stopping me from working out (that I planned on doing this week). Instead he’s ordered me to physical therapy for 6 weeks and strict “only walking” exercise.

- being able to walk. I started today around the track..and I admit, I walked up the bleachers too. (can’t help it) but the Dr. wants me in high heels. Yep, you heard correctly! He wants me to wear heels again (crazy, I know…it’s been 10 years) so if you happen to be following me on pinterest, you’ll notice my ‘per doctors orders’ board. hehe

- my sweet friend that you’ve seen with the adorable pregnant belly, had her beautiful baby girl.

- you all for your sweet words last week. Thank you!

- impromptu wine with my neighbor on her balcony, this weekend. It was a great evening chatting and staring at the stars.

- having the energy to scrub down my entire apartment the day after my migraine. And I mean a thorough scrub down. It’s so nice being in a super clean home and I still have no idea where it came from.

- I told you I had a lot this week! I hope you all were able to find things to be thankful for too and had yourselves a great weekend. Oh and by the way, here’s my ‘new hair’ read: darker.


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GreenGirl said...

You have that wave!!!
I covet your wave!

meme-and-he said...

cute!!!! love the new dark look!

Megan said...

Totally adore your new hair...and you!! And yes, we comp a lot of people's medical bills r/t their situations. Always check that out!!

And we have no madness over here, either. Even though we should, ya know, since we are Mackey Madness. Get it? #lame

Kris said...

The color looks fantastic! Perfect for upcoming fall. :o)

Dilan Dilir said...

so cute!

Katie said...

so many thankfuls! And I made the list...major life accomplishment :)

Sam {} said...

weeeee, LOVE the dark hairs!! super cute. great list :)

Tabitha Lynn said...

Love the list and your dark hair, is it a lot darker than normal?


carissa said...

pretty hair. this settles it, your hair could be worn any way and it'd look so good.

medical bills are so tough... we're still paying off our kids. i hope you get some write-offs... you deserve them!

Laura Darling said...

No craziness going on in my life either...but sometimes that's a good thing! Glad to hear you have a lot of happy going on, and your hair looks great!

Tatiana said...

Awww... How hot are you! I bet Mr Gman Sir would have a hard time keeping his hands off you ;-)
And yay for getting 20% off your bill! That's amazing!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Always so good to focus on the positives (must remember that one myself!!).

Your hair looks so great! I don't think I've seen a picture of you before so I wouldn't even know that it wasn't your natural colour! It really compliments you.

angie on maui said...

You are ridiculously gorgeous. Just...gorgeous!


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