Thursday, August 18, 2011

I’d be happy to drive hours to see you

I went on a road trip. One of those whirlwind road trips.

I drove 3 1/2 hours for a 5 minute doctor’s visit only to then jump back in the car and drive 3 1/2 hours along the CA coast (which, I’ll never complain driving the coastline) to a friend’s house so that I can see my hair stylist in that area to get my hair finally cut and colored! I got to stay the night and jump back into my car to drive 2 1/2 hours home.

I’m exhausted.

Am I a weirdo that my closest hairstylist is 2 1/2 hours away? And that I’ll drive there just to get my haircut? It helps having friends there that let me stay the night to break it up, but I’ve done it all in one day before.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’ve moved a lot. And everywhere I moved, I found a new stylist. Well, since I’ve lived here I haven’t bothered to look for one since..well for many reasons and still go to my guy 2 1/2 hours away or when I’m in HI, to my girl there, who (don’t tell my guy…) does a better job than him. ssssshh

Let me ask you a question. How do you find a new stylist? What’s your method to find one you’ll trust??

Whenever I move to a new area, I look at women in the malls or wherever I am and if I really like their cut or color I’ll go up and ask who does their hair. When I moved to San Luis Obispo years ago, I did just that. Her hair was so cute, so I went to the guy. My first guy cutting my hair. To say I was nervous was an understatement.

Let me give everyone a lesson when going to a new stylist for the 1st time. Never ever ever change the style of your hair. Only get a trim so if they do horrible, it shouldn’t make a big difference.

Clue #1 that it was going to be bad cut: I said I wanted a change and everything was coming out uneven and chunky.
Clue #2 that it was going to be a bad cut: He begins to cut me bangs (because I wanted that “change”) while I’m facing the mirror and he’s sitting next to me on the side.

Are you picturing that? He’s sitting sideways next to me cutting my bangs while I face away from him.

I was screaming inside. Needless to say, it was the worst haircut I’ve ever had in my life. I even documented it, as I do with every new cut. I go home and take a picture (but I can’t find it anywhere!) So after being forced to walk around for a week with the haircut I found a great one who fixed it as best as she could. That I have a picture of!

But unfortunately, this girl turned sour after a year, butchered my hair and I had to find another. Ever encounter that? Best stylist ever, recommended several friends to her, but out of the blue, turns horrible and gives us the worst haircuts!!

I found another, but something happened and ended up w/my current guy. Boy was I nervous going to another guy, especially when I found out he was the boyfriend of the 3rd stylist!! I felt like I betrayed her, but he did such a better job.

Any way that brings me to now, fresh cut and color! I can’t wait to show it to you all. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting to color my hair. Its been 1 1/2 years since I’ve colored it. – guess I just told you.

But I’ve been wondering if I want bangs again. My stylist wants to cut them really bad, but I’m just not sold on having to deal with them again, especially since I can’t run in 2 weeks later for a bang trim since I’m not close. So, I need your opinion. Which do you prefer??

Or, no bangs??

aaaand, go!

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Erin Pasillas said...

The bangs are super cute, but I also know what a pain they can be... Especially if you're going to start running again soon. I, personally, hate my hair touching my face when I exercise... But I'm weird like that!

GreenGirl said...

I have to ask...
So, my hair is now super long...need to get a trim at least...but am liking it long...for now...
In your last picture you have a bit of a wave to it...
I love the kardashians hair (not them...but their hair...let's be clear!) and they do that to their hair like yours.
HOW do you do it??? Please share!

The Blogivers said...

Agree with Erin above - I think the bangs are cute, but I know they can be a pain in the butt!

Dilan Dilir said...

you are so cute!

Tabitha Lynn said...

I totally relate, I live in Portland, and my stylist lives in Boise, its like 6 hours or something, but luckily she has so many clients here that she makes the trip every 6 weeks, and I'm sooo thankful.

I usually look at other women for clues on where to go, I ask things like "who does your hair" and ask for a name/number. There's nothing worse than an awful cut/color.

Yours looks lovely!

New follower!

carissa said...

seriously, you are beautiful both ways. i feel like bangs add some sass... so if you need some spice in your life than go for the bangs. you can pull them off so well. i can NOT.

i haven't had my haircut in over 15 months. absurd, right? i know. they scare me to death because i have yet to find a good hair dresser. so if you have a good one, i don't blame you for driving. it's worth it!

Sienna said...

you look good both ways, and bangs are such a hassle, especially in humidity/rain/etc so i say no bangs :)

Kris said...

I love the way bangs look. I've had them too but I get so sick of them on me... not other people. I just feel it limits my styles. Not that I do anything. I just let my run down to my butt. Hippie hair. Something needs to be done.

Sam {} said...

you so cute :)

i like the bangs, but i'm really bad about maintaining bangs, so i understand the hesitation. my stylist lives 1 mile from me, and it takes me 8 months to go in (no really, i last got it cut in january and your post made me think to text her!). you can't lose, friend!

Sam @ fitness food & faith

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

I was just about to leave the longest comment in the history of blogger THEN I lost my internet connection and it deleted it on me! UGH. lol. I wanted to break a record! haha.
I like the bangs. Maybe you could find a hairstylist nearby who could trim 'em for you every once in a while... sounds dumb but it's really not. OR you could just trim 'em yourself. . . but that wouldn't work if you don't trust your scissor skills. lol. I've wrecked my own bangs enough to know how to do them now. . . I have some horrible pictures of me with WAY too short bangs...or way too thick bangs... i'll reveal those to the world someday. lol. Anyway, I find new hairstylists through both word of mouth and reading online salon reviews.
i definitely know what you're talking about when you mentioned going to one stylist for a long time, then having that stylist wreck your hair one day. It's definitely happened to me before and I felt like smacking the lady. lol.

Lindsay said...

Oh boy... I like your hair both ways! But I know how much of a pain bangs can be soooo I'm going to say no bangs!

Jossie said...

I had to tell my hairstylist a few trims ago to NEVER ever let me get bangs again. I like how they look but after a few weeks, I hate them and don't want to deal with them. I agree with everyone else....I think they look super duper cute on you but I personally like no bangs better. Bangs make you look really young and the no bangs make you look stylish and hot (the waves are AMAZING by the way! Nice job on them!).

meghan said...

I think you look cute with or without bangs. I think in the picture with the bangs you look a little older. I've never had bangs, so the idea of cutting that much hair off at once scares me. :)


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