Thursday, August 4, 2011

The box has been broken

My mom will be so blown away by this next statement…Mom, are you ready?

I’ve officially stepped out of my solids dark colors box and bought…wait for it…patterns. *gasp* I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself off the floor.

This might be my one and only post I’ll ever do on fashion because I’m so not a “fashion” person. I’m never in style and know I’ll never be able to keep up with the fashion bloggers and their amazing sense of dress! I have zilch.. And once you go through it all, you’ll probably laugh and say, ‘that wasn’t a fashion post.’

I’m a plain jane, solids wearing kinda gal. If its black, grey, green or most recently lavender (newly added to the pallet), I’ll get it, but hold onto your hats because thanks to some Birthday gift cards from the love, I. went. shopping!!

Take a gander at my new clothes!

1. Is a maxi dress. I’ve been wanting stripes for ages, love that I stepped out and got it in a dress
2. ruffled top
3/5/8 are all camis
4. is an absolutely beautiful jewel toned top
6. more stripes!! A nice casual t-shirt
7. (which is hard to see) is a way out of my comfort zone flowered top. Almost grandma flowers
9. (top right) is a pretty purple flowers top
10. is an awesome full length skirt. I’ve been wanting one for a long time, and
11. is a peacock looking top that has “wings” as I told the girl at the store but it has a belt and I loved it.

Can you tell I’m excited about all these?? I can’t even tell you, I really am!

IMG_3602 (1280x853)

IMG_3604 (1280x853)

IMG_3606 (1280x853)

With these tops, my newly acquired ‘girlyness’ is in full swing since I’ve also been painting my nails, too!

Who IS this girl!?!? I don’t know, but I’m having so much fun being her. Since watching you all do it, I thought I’d join in the fun and show you my recent nail colors.
photo (19)
photo (18)

I have 2 more colors that I can’t wait to use. I think I’ll use one on my fingers and one on my toes for the weekend. Yes sirree bob, I think I will.

Do you all get as excited as I did when you get a bunch of new clothes or get nail polish?

In my meager defense, it’s been more than 6 years since I’ve owned a bottle of nail polish and I haven’t shopped shopped for clothes in, gosh I don’t even know how long.

So help me feel normal and agree that you too get giddy with your new purchases!

Mmmkay, thanks!

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The Blogivers said...

Cute! And I appreciate that we are on the same page when it comes to "fashion". I definitely get excited about new clothes and nail polish, though I never ever paint my fingernails because I have a nervous habit of picking it all of within 24 hours. Only toenails for me!

bunky153 said...

Welcome to the world of prints, little missy. They make everything so much more interesting! I love are some fun shoes! By the way, I did have to be revived after seeing the picture.;)

meme-and-he said...

love this! way to be bold!

Sam {} said...

i get such a high from new clothes! weee!!! ok, loving number 9, totally my style. where is it from?!

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

I can't lie, I'm a girly girl... but since I moved to CA I haven't had the luxury of stocking up on nail polish (I have a drawer full of the stuff in NY. Does me no good now.) ... as for clothing, I have to be in the mood to shop. I've only shopped for myself a few times in the last 9 months, and it felt really good... especially since I found things that were cute AND comfy! I'm glad you're enjoying this new phase! Go for it, girl! Paint your toes one color and your fingernails another! (I do that too sometimes. =)

DaisyGirl said...

Thank you for making me feel so much better!! haha!!! We are the same when it comes to fashion. I decided just today, I'm giving up on trying to come out of my fashion shell and just sticking with me...jeans, a cute top (and that's stretching it!) and tennis shoes! haha!!

Have a great Thursday!

Michelle said...

LOVE all of your new clothes and your nails! Look at you all stylish! :)))) xoxo

meghan said...

I love love that peacock one and the seconc Essie color!! I don't wear patterns either! Ever. Except I've recently gotten into stripes. And my fiance always asks me if I think I'm a pirate when I wear them. I don't think he's a fan per se.

Kris said...

Great finds. I love new clothes but I usually have to get rid of a few bags because I go shopping. haha

Megan said...

Ahhh!! Hooray for being girly! It's my favorite thing everrrrr!! You are too cute!

hi-d said...

Always fun to get some new digs! Nice choices! And I've seen posts on that brand of nail polish before. I should get me some. :)

Katie said...

Great buys, love the nail polish! xo

Laura Darling said...

So cute! I pretty much wear black, white, tan, and gray. Today I wore a purple/blue/yellow/white/green sweater and got SO many compliments at the office!

Tatiana said...

You are going to rock them things miss sexy! Yay for pattern and color! I love it! You should post pics wearing them. And being girly can be so much fun! Welcome to the club :-)

GreenGirl said...

I love shopping. A little too much. I need to start giving some stuff away. I have not grown since 8th grade so I have been collecting and collecting for quite some time...
My friends know if I die unexpectedly to hit my closet...they would make a killing...
CUTE outfits!
I don't do my own nails...pretty much because I don't have the patience or skill set...I get them done about 3 times a year...
Yours look awesome!

Jossie said...

I think new clothes are as good as a therapy session :-) I LOVE putting on something new!


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