Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A trip and a birthday celebration

Would you believe I have no pictures from my 30th birthday? It’s true. The day didn’t turn out as we all had hoped, but we did our best to make up for it the day after by meeting at my sister’s house to celebrate.

Wait, I take that back. I do have 1 picture. My mom, the awesome mom that she is, made me a world class birthday breakfast.
photo (20)

She really is the best! So any way, they planned out a Hawaiian themed party for me and I thought that was the cutest idea. The kids went around wearing lei’s and my sister ordered Hawaiian BBQ. The 2 things I took pictures of the day after, were of my niece and the dragonfly. I know, very random!


I did have a great time with my family and am thankful I could spend the weekend with them.

G-man and I got to celebrate it a week later when we agreed to meet in San Francisco. He was able to get a layover for an entire day before his flight continued to the South for work. We had plans to do anything and everything we could before our dinner reservations to Ruth’s Chris that night.

What did we do? Practically nothing. I was given so many good suggestions too. His flight was delayed twice and was so beat getting in, we went to get breakfast and took our time getting ready to go out.

All we had time to do was see Lombard St. Surprisingly for all the times I’d been there, I’d never seen it. So we set out and were able to go down the street, which was pretty fun winding down the road.


Once we rushed back, changed and made it to the restaurant, I had to use the restroom before we were seated and by the time I got back they were ready to seat us. As I’m following the girl, she turns and says, ‘So I hear we’re celebrating a birthday?’

I’m staring at her open mouthed thinking, surely G-man didn’t say anything while I was gone?! (that’s just not his thing) So I said, ‘um, sort of. Mine was a week ago.’ She looks at me funny and shows me the table. The table that has happy birthday confetti ALL OVER IT!!!

I scooped them up into a pile, to minimize the ‘show’

I was so embarrassed. I’m staring at G-man, he’s staring at me and we both have this look of “did YOU do this!?” on our faces.

It was unknowingly me that did it.

Note to self: When making reservations online and it asks if you’re celebrating anything, don’t put birthday!! It never occurred to me they would actually do anything. Every person that came to our table wished me a happy birthday and by the time the waiter showed up and said it, I stressed that it was a week ago and under no circumstance did I want singing, dancing or whatever it was they did.

Yes, I really said all that. Where did I think I was, TGIFridays?!

The great waiter that he was said all they did was put a candle in the dessert but he would refrain doing it, for my sake. However, it didn’t stop him from calling me the birthday girl the. entire. time.

The dessert came…can you guess how it came? With a candle lit. I told him his tip was gone and we all burst out laughing.

It was such a great dinner and a great way to end the night and my birthday week. I couldn’t ask for any other way to start my 30’s.

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The Blogivers said...

Ha! I am an attention whore so I would have enjoyed all the birthday greetings, but I know many people aren't like that, so I can imagine how uncomfortable you were :)

Natalie said...

lol! I would've been really uncomfortable with that too. I prefer more private celebrations if it involves me. =)

Sam {} said...

hahaha, sounds fun!! love that it was your fault :)

and the precious babe - may i have one please?!
Sam @ fitness food & faith (giveaway today!)

Dilan Dilir said...

lovely pictures!

Kris said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday... and those breakfast cups look AMAZING!

Megan said...

uhm i cant get over the breakfast.

gosh i miss american breakfasts.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

haha! You are too funny! I am the same way..all that singing an stuff embarrasses the heck out of me! Happy belated birthday to you though!

Jennifer said...

What great birthday events! You look so lovely in the photo on the street!


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