Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Water on the rocks for me

I mentioned yesterday that G-man and I went on a little road trip over the weekend. What planned on just being a drive around the Marine base in Koneohe Bay ended up being a couple hours walk around the rocks on the ocean. It was secluded and peaceful and a wonderful hidden gem for us to explore.

What’s so nice about the military bases here, is they have beaches that no one else can get on. Imagine having a beautiful beach practically all to yourselves! Because of that, we enjoy driving all throughout the bases on the island and explore all they have to offer us.

After driving for awhile on base, we came across a beach and parked. With camera in hand, I followed G-man through trees and shrubs to emerge on the other side to see nothing but beautiful ocean and a view that left us standing still in awe of God’s beauty.

Exploring began as we stepped from one rock to the next listening and watching as the waves crashed onto the rocks.


Stopping often to see what’s around. Capturing a crab who was sunbathing…or so I thought.

Finding fish in the most oddest of places and reveling in their stare downs.

Stopping to soak our feet in the cool water…

..and enjoying the water rise with each wave that slammed against the rocks.
Once we decided to head home we made it just in time to see the final moments of the sunset spray a deep orange across the sky.

It was truly a wonderful day that I’m going to be sure to tuck away each and every memory formed from it. The excitement over fish and hermit crabs. The silliness of a hand puppet. The protection from the one I love. The tenderness in his voice when he spoke. And the laughs that were shared.

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The Blogivers said...

When I was pregnant, I would always order "water on the rocks" if I was going to happy hour with non-pregnant friends... so when I read the title of your post, my first thought is that you were pregnant!

angie on maui said...

I can just tell by the tone of your post that you are renewed, relaxed and restored! And why wouldn't you be? Spending time with your Love in Hawaii can do that for you! :)

I love that you guys were spontaneous and took your walk along the water...aren't you glad that you did? It's amazing how God catches our attention; it's as if He is tapping us on the shoulder and whispering: "I want to show you something." Beautiful photos...love the one of both of your feet. :)

Have a beautiful day!


Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

oh that sunset. i want to go back to hawaii!! such a gorgeous place on the earth :)

Christina said...

I'm just a wee bit jealous.

Megan said...

Wow, are these pictures for real?? Honestly, I actually went back and looked at the first two again to see if they were yours or cited. Haha.



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