Monday, August 1, 2011

I’m thankful for 24

It happened. No matter how much I wondered if it actually would..I turned 30 over the weekend. Crazy right!? I’ll go into it all some other time, but I just felt I should tell you that it happened.

I hope you all had a wonderful last few days of July. I’m amazed it’s already August. Time, I’ve noticed each year I get older, goes by faster and faster. Remember as a kid, it taking forever?! What is it about being an adult that makes time seem faster??

I’m thankful for..

- a call from my love earlier in the week just to say he loves me. I’ll never pass up one of those calls.

- finding out the date I’ll be getting my very first disability check and also finding it’ll be retroactive for the past 7 months. Praise the Lord for that!

- not having an allergy to dairy, especially cheese. I’ve had nachos and quesadillas every single night for the past week, while home (all I have is cheese in the apt), and I’m pretty sure I’ll never tire of cheese. I feel for all who have a dairy allergy since you’re missing out!

- for a good new drivers license picture. I realize this is shallow, but my last picture I’ve had for the past 9 years was great (even the DMV guy said so) and its nice to know the picture I’ll have for years to come is a passable one.

- my slippers returning back into my possession. Once again where I go, they go. We haven’t been far from each other since their return.

- for all the birthday wishes, and time well spent with my family. And also Facebook. Without Facebook reminding all my ‘friends’ it was my birthday, I wouldn’t have had so many wishes. I admit, I like that feature of Facebook. Sure knows how to make a girl feel special, even if just for a day.

- for being blessed with a newer car with a working A/C. My heart goes out to all who I drive past with their windows down in this heat. I know their misery and am so grateful God allowed me to have the reliable car that I do.

What are you thankful for this week?

This has no relevance to this post, except…my love is in the Navy, he used to fly these (FA-18s), our first official date was to see the Blue Angels, we saw this show <below> while in Hawaii, and I’m missing him more than I can say, so…yeah.

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The Blogivers said...

Happy belated birthday to you!!!!

Michelle said...

Hope you had a great birthday! Drivers license pictures are important! LOL They should be good ones! :)

Sam {} said...

i'm so happy the weekend was good!! love your thankful heart, like always :)

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

lovely post :) happy belated birthday to you! and awesome name change too! many blessings!

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

Happy belated birthday! Enjoy the AC in your car for me! ... our AC doesn't work and I melt more and more each time I get in that thing...BUT I'm grateful for it nonetheless...It's better than no car at all!

Shalyn said...

Happy belated birthday- so glad you enjoyed your weekend!


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