Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why you’ll never seen an ichthus on my car

you know…the Jesus fish??

I had this thing, and it was called road rage. I say “had” because I hardly drive anymore with the feet as they’ve been, but when I was working and had to drive 40 minutes each way you can bet I had the rage inside.

I still have it on certain occasions, and will go berserk screaming, waving my arms and honking the horn, but have you ever witnessed someone road raging? Have you ever seen how ridiculous they look?? Years ago, I saw a man flip out in his car at another and I couldn’t stop thinking how idiotic he looked and swore I would curb my raging. That lasted a whole 12 months, (probably a lot less), before I was screaming, fuming and driving like a maniac around the car that ticked me off.

Sometimes the car did something that someone else did to me the day before that I just blinked at but if I’m in a “mood” you can bet that little thing will be like they just cut me off while giving me the bird with how I’ll react.

Why it’s coming to mind now, is because a lot of people very close to me have it just as bad and it bothers me. Like, really bad. Being in the passenger seat as they drive and tell off other drivers doing nothing, or them being in the passenger seat and getting frustrated over the other drivers…over nothing.

Though I fail still, I’ve really made the effort whenever anyone is in my car to curb my frustrations over other drivers because, seriously! what can I do about it?! It does absolutely no good to have me raging, which only gets the passenger full of anxiety and joining in on the frustration. How is that an example of Christ?!

hence the fact I’ll never have a ‘Jesus fish’ on my car.

I’ve been on the phone with someone a few times while they’re driving and without fail they start flipping out about the drivers around them. And sometimes, I’m in the middle of a sentence when they start their screaming. Its so discouraging since it seems like they were never listening. We’ve talked it over enough and have finally concluded we can’t be on the phone anymore when they’re driving, but it seriously hurts my heart knowing they have it that bad.

Now, that’s them and something they’ve struggled with all their driving life and will have to figure out but as for me, I choose to stop. I can’t stand the raging Emily. She’s ugly. When I was driving into the city to go shopping yesterday I said a prayer for strength to stop. I truly want to be an example to the ones around me, not a self righteous I’m better than you example, but a Christ like example. Learning to accept that people around me don’t drive like I do (even though I wish they did) and enjoying the drive. And so far, I’ve found it’s so much less stressful!

I accept that I’ll fail at my efforts at some point. Some people are just plain incompetent at their driving but from here on out, I make my pledge that every effort will be made to not be that screaming idiot.

Do you tend to rage when you drive?

What are some things you do to keep yourself from raging?

Do you want to pledge with me?

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The Blogivers said...

I have major road rage, and that is also why I don't have a Christian fish on my car! Having a baby in the backseat helps me tone in down :)

Katie said...

i've been known to get a little rageful when I drive...but mostly I just deal with it by speeding past everyone and winning the imaginary race I'm in :)

Alisha said...

I get frustrated at other drivers, but I've never been known to do anything stupid while driving. There's just so many things that could go wrong behind the wheel, and when there are so many other drivers out there on the road that you don't know what their next move is you have to be careful...

meme-and-he said...

great post. I can get really angry with people when I'm driving...which is weird because I hardly get angry any other time! I think the meanest things about people on the road...its really sad! I drive a ton for my job, so I think I might feel more entitled or better at driving?? not sure. whatever it is, its embarassing.

Sam {} said...

i'm pretty sure i'm usually the person who causes others to scream. oops!!

my pledge is to work on that - less phone gabbing and more attention to the road :)

Megan said...

Ahhhh, I'm a total rager. Yes, it's true. I HATE when people are in my way. Haha.

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

Good for you for recognizing this :) Although, I do have to say I'm a pretty apathetic, boring driver. I try to think, "Maybe his wife is in labor and that's why he's speeding and being so crazy." Or "Maybe her boyfriend is flying from Hawaii to see her and she's running late to meet him at the airport!" :) (Unlikely, but I digress.)

Hollie Ann said...

Oh man I need to pledge! I have total road rage living in so cal. :/

Laura Elizabeth said...

I am such a placid person... until you put me in a car and I'm running late!! I turn into a totally hateful person and I hate it. I try to make up stories as to why someone cut me off or honked at me for doing the speed limit, like the poster above. I make up the saddest sob story for them and then I feel bad for being angry at them! It kind of helps.

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

My dad has MAJOR road rage issues...and it's SO annoying!! My husband has a very minor case of it, but he always has reason to get annoyed when he does. As for me, well, I don't really drive here in Cali so that solves that. lol. . . but when I do drive, although I get annoyed and tense up, I keep my calm.


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