Monday, August 29, 2011

I’m thankful for 28

Aloha everyone! I’ve been having a wonderfully relaxing time here in Hawaii this past weekend and I hope you guys had the same where you are. Not battered and bruised too much by all the crazy weather on the easy coast, I hope.

I can’t even tell you how much I’m loving being here. Well, I’ll give it a shot throughout the week. See if I can convey the awesomeness to you.

I’m thankful for:

- last minute help to make this trip happen. If it wasn’t for someone ‘working’ for me on Saturday, I never would have been able to make this trip.

- an awesome flight. I have to hand it to Delta this one time around. I was able to have the entire row to myself and took up all 3 seats the whole time. Oh, and they showed 2 great movies. One of the smoothest flights I’ve had.

- my love and the weekend spent with him. Going on a couple spur of the moment trips over the weekend is refreshing since, I’ll be honest, we aren’t the most ‘spur of the moment’ kind of people.
a taste from our first trip we did

- random and semi-inappropriate conversations with this girl and this girl that anyone can read but act like only us three are reading them. You girls are so much fun to talk to and make me crack up laughing.

- somehow managing to get G-man to forget to order UFC Saturday night, which so happened to be (apparently) one of the best UFC fight nights in a long time. (isn’t that how it always is??) and instead spending the time outside.

- somehow getting G-man to skip watching the Saints game Sunday afternoon, which, I’ll be honest, was shocking that he’d rather take a drive then sit and watch the game. The man likes his football and just about nothing gets in the way of his football.

I think I might currently have a bit of a spell on him…let’s see how long this lasts. ; )

Let me hear how your weekend went? What all did you end up doing?

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Megan said...

im officially really stupid.

i dont know why...but for some reason when ive been reading your titles i kept reading it as "im thankful for 26 (as in 26 years old)

and then you just kept aging...

so fast..

and even though i read the posts..i still thought it was directly correlated with your age.

ive been looking at neuroscience journals too long..which you would THINK would make me smarter..

but alas...

Tabitha Lynn said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

We tried watching that UFC fight except we are all winners and thought it was at 9 pacific not eastern ;(.


Megan said...

I'm still so jealous. And he really MUST love you if he is forgetting to watch sports!! : )

Anonymous said...

gah! he missed a game for you. Priceless.

Sam {} said...

i hear ya on having a man obsessed with football! you need to teach me your tricks to keep the attention on you...

so happy you are enjoying your time with G!

Natalie said...

Hope you're having an awesome time in Hawaii =D I'm a little bit jealous of you at the moment (lol).

LeAnna said...

Our Twitter convos crack me up, because yes, we pretend the whole world can't read our goofiness. I wonder how many people have such a tarnished view of me now. Ha. They obviously have never had an actual conversation with me, if their view IS tarnished, because I live with a man who had 3 brothers. I know all kinds of things I wish I didn't, LOL!

More pics of Hawaii, please.

Oh yeah, and I emailed you. Don't fall out of your chair or off the bed or anything...

Tatiana said...

L's comment cracks me up! SO TRUE! I was thinking the other day "I wonder what other people think of our conversations?" I obviously don't care enough 'cause we keep on having them.
And girl, that new sexified hair of yours is really making miracles. Umm, skipping sport events? Unheard of!

christine donee said...

Megan.. get it together.

I say we have a blogger meet up in hawaii. who's in?

Laura Elizabeth said...

Aw, what a great weekend. You sound like you are having a positively dreamy time!!!

The weather is pretty terrible here which is good because I need to stay indoors and DO MY ASSIGNMENTS. Caps lock will hopefully drill that last part into my brain so that I get off blogger and do said assignments :)

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

I actually enjoy watching those sweaty/bloody UFC fights with my husband, but sometimes i'm just not in the mood...and I can totally understand you being happy that he forgot about it. haha. How could he NOT with you there?? =)


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