Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bare chested Santa and bikers

If that title doesn’t make people jump over here, I don’t know what will. Pssh, I kid. Who in their right mind wants to see a bare chested Santa…willingly?!

I realized I never showed the pictures from when G-man and I went to check out the big display in Honolulu. Nor did I show when the Toys for Tots bikers came through. No…don’t go away, its interesting, I promise.

Thousands of bikers ride in Honolulu. They start out at Ala Moana Beach Park and go through Waikiki. I don’t understand how so many bikes are on the island. Seriously! Its an island.

Have I mentioned G-man’s apartment is perfectly located for all these major events? We’ve sat on his lanai for the Honolulu Marathon, Toys for Tots rides, parades, whale watching… Its perfect.

It took over an hour from start to finish and some of the bikes were pretty neat looking. (I’m into bikes a bit)
It must take either a very strong man to ride a hot pink bike…or one who doesn’t know how to be a man….hard to say.

I’ll probably be the only one who finds this interesting but they were talking the whole way down the road…and I could hear their conversation from high up. {they had to talk over all the motors}

This one’s just cool and looks so comfy.

Be happy I didn’t show the video. Even I was incredibly bored by it. I thought it would be neat to show all the bikes rumbling by. After 15 seconds, I questioned why I continued recording for 2 minutes more.

Later that day, we saw the Honolulu City lights where Shaka Santa (aka bare chested Santa) was. Its weird, I’m not going to lie. I get the concept, but it’s still weird.

I embraced it, mind you. HI is all about going with the flow.



Snowmen with surfboards and scarves? Okay…


1 week from this very day, I get to have G-man here. These days are creeping by but going only 3 weeks before we see each other again is nothing compared to normal so I’m not going to complain. Not one bit.

Thank you to all you sweetie pies for yesterday’s kind words about my decorating. You guys sure know how to make a girl feel good.

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Stephanie said...

Wow. That Santa is kind of amazing.

And that orange motorcycle is AWESOME! (Or tricycle????)

Sam {} said...

wow. hawaii seems to enjoy mixing it up! love that pic of you!

Anna Walker said...

Wow that Santa is epic!
I like how Hawaii is decorating in style! I will say that I am surprised there isn't a Santa in a tropical print shirt though!

Hope you're having a lovely day!

Natalie said...

Hey Emily, I was wondering if you knew of a good tutorial on how to upload those icons for twitter, pintrest, etc. I've been trying to figure it out for an hour now and can't get it to work =)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Oh wow these are great pictures and the bikers that looks like fun day!

Tabitha Lynn said...

Wouldn't snowmen melt in Hawaii? Excited you get your man very soon!!!! Holler!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

mele kalikimaka!!! thanks for taking me back to my honeymoon seven years ago. we got married on Dec. 19 and left for Hawaii the next day. with all the Christmas garb all over these Hawaii pictures it makes me want to do a Hawaiian Christmas all over again!!

Jennifer said...

Haha! That Santa is awesome! Hehe. I love the sign he's making too. (The name escapes me.)

Katie said...

Sexy isn't a good look for the chubby old man who has an affinity for little kids & toys. Weiiiird. But yay for G coming home!! Will you get to spend Christmas with him?

Megan said...

Wow, bare chested Santa really creeps me out. Hahahahaha.

LeAnna said...

Man, that is a lot of peoples with bikes on an island. And they all look Hawaiian. Hmmm......

Barechested Santa sure has an awful modest wife. Where's her bikini?

Jenn said...

I've always wanted to be on Oahu for Toys for Tots. We have a lot of bikers here on the Big Island but not as much as up there!


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