Thursday, December 29, 2011

Roma Roma Roma

I have to admit, I’ve been enjoying this little trip down memory lane. Going through pictures of what I was doing this time exactly a year ago, its fun. Its weird thinking I was there.

I find I catch myself saying (to myself) that I don’t really travel or get out much. And then I quickly remember this trip and all the trips to HI and though it sounds conceited, I don’t mean it that way. Its just easy to forget all the places I’ve seen and dwell on the ‘never leave the house’ days, sometimes.

We went to view the Sistine Chapel..and did you know you can’t take pictures inside? Nor can you speak. They’re very hush hush in there. I’m not quite sure why, but they constantly ‘shush’ you and yell out no pictures. So everyone walks around whispering to each other and when the whispering gets louder and everyone starts talking to be heard over the whispering, they shush us all again.

Another thing everyone was doing was take pictures. Did you know you can take just as good a picture from your waist as you would from your face?

How can I be in the Sistine Chapel and not take pictures?! I’m sorry Rome, this is just one rule I can’t abide by.


We loved it there. Absolutely loved it.

On our very last day there, I was able to persuade the owner of our hotel to watch our bags as we jetted out to see the last of the city, before our driver arrived.

In a flurry we walked through the Bocca Della Verita, where Audrey Hepburn went for ‘Roman Holiday.’ Can you tell, I love that movie? …and where we were yelled at {in Italian} by the person in charge of the church for being in an “off limits” area {that we weren’t aware of.}

We took a quick trip to the top of a museum to see all of Rome. It was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous view.


Finally resting back in front of the Coliseum before heading back to our hotel where the owner was none to pleased with us for being gone so long.

Within minutes of us returning, the crazy Italian driver arrived, packed our bags in the back and whisked us to the airport bound for Paris.

What I didn’t know the moment I stepped onto the plane was it was going to be the worst leg of our trip…

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Sam {} said...

i'm so glad you took some sneaky pics!! what a cool place to visit :)

hope you had a wonderful christmas!

Michelle said...

What beautiful pictures! Glad you were able to take some pictures! ;)

Tatiana said...

I love Italy. And miss it SO MUCH!
I hope you're still having a grand 'ol time with the fam and the lover boy :-)
Happy New Year gorgeous!

Jossie said...

I want your coat :-)


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