Monday, June 10, 2013

Back to reality

Normal days again over here. I had a sneaking suspicion that his flight would get delayed Saturday morning and secretly hoped for it.. no one likes a 5am wake up call. And thank the good Lord, it was. By 3 hours. So getting a little more time with him was the perfect way to end his time here.

After I dropped G-man off and got back home, I admit, I did very little. Anything that constituted being hygienic was not a priority. I made matters worse better by walking in 108 degree heat for 20 minutes, so its safe to say afterward, it was good I was all alone. though I still get botox, so it certainly wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

As always, his time here was nice. short, but nice. I may have unknowingly fibbed a bit on his excitement for getting photos done, but we made up for that little hiccup in our communication by eating out at the absolute best restaurant in the world…or in my area, any way.

To all my local friends, if you have never been to Schoolhouse Sanger, you must make reservations and go now! Hands down the absolute most delicious restaurant in this area. And this is saying a lot if I’m willing to share a place close to where I live. The food is grown right on their property, they pick fruit right from the orchards across the street, ice cream is made fresh daily from a local creamery, and they create these phenomenal mind blowing dishes in the absolute best atmosphere I’ve ever been in.

We left our cell phones and camera at home, but I was wanting to channel Jenni at story of my life, to share pictures and a review on this place. I’ll just have to return to get my chance.


A lot is happening soon in my little world that I’m getting mentally ready for. Tomorrow will shed some light on one thing and later this week, I’ll share a little more, but I’m prepping, and preparing and all around excited (mostly) for it all to happen.

While G was here, we made an entire day of driving to the big outlet mall in Gilroy (home of the garlic) and shopped. His suggestion even, so you know it was one to be capitalized on. He gifted me with 3 pair of socks and makeup. I knew I loved that man. We did a lot of mundane things while he was here and I wanted nothing more. Mundane to many is a treasure to me. Sitting together watching 24 and Arrested Development at night, every night is what I relish.

Having him scrub my entire apartment down the day before he leaves (without me knowing), while I’m at work so I won’t have to clean for awhile, is just one of the reasons I’ll keep him.. I mean, love him deeply.

I get to see him again in just a few short days, and I’m eagerly counting down until I see that face again, that most handsome face of his.

What all did you get to do this weekend? Did it get blazing hot where you are?

Random photo of my niece when I was in Utah. I have a lot of catching up to do with this blog. This little darling texts me just about every single day and I can’t say enough how much I love that.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, yes- blazing hot indeed!

The Heart Of A Woman said...

It was hot and muggy! It wasn't 108 though! We watched arrested development too!!!! I would love to come home to a clean house! What did you get the eat at the fabulous resteraunt?

Erin Pasillas said...

Oh, stop! He TOTALLY loved having his pictures taken. You heard him say it himself... he has ALWAYS wanted to have a photo shoot;)

We totally have to go to the schoolhouse now! We wonder if it is any good every time we pass it on our way to Hume! Now I know...


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