Monday, June 3, 2013

One of those great weeks

Happy June! This month is going to be one of those months that will aide in a little life shift for me. More on that another day but let me just say how happy I am. G-man is here and we’ve been enjoying our time together. Cooking dinner, desserts (sharing a recipe tomorrow), and have been staying unplugged from everything and its been quite nice.

Saturday, we went back and forth with what movie to rent and as rare as it is, we got a movie I wanted. The Impossible. I’ve wanted to see this movie since it came out in theaters, and once G-man saw it was based on a true story, he was convinced to get it.

We were gripped the entire time. From beginning to end I was either on the verge of tears or crying..from and a certain someone was sniffing next to me too from time to time.

After we finished, we sat there in silence and then agreed to watch it all over again with the Director’s commentary and immediately pressed play. It gave so much more insight to hear them talking, explaining the scenes and how real everything was, including hearing from the mom Maria who the story was about.

We couldn’t stop talking about it afterward, its that moving. If you haven’t seen it yet, I can’t recommend it enough. Even G said it was a good pick on my part, and generally he and I don’t agree on movie choices.

This week should prove to be a  fun week. I get him for 5 more days and in that, for the first time ever, we’re getting professional photos taken. This is monumental. And scary. but mainly exciting. Scary only because I’m awkward in front of the camera and get more so when I know I’m being photographed, but I know we’re in good hands with the photog so my excitement outweighs it. Even G-man is excited for it.

still planning on sharing our Tahoe trip, but in the meantime, another moment from there.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and a fabulous start to their June. Definitely come back tomorrow, because the recipe I’m sharing is a life changer, for sure!

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LeAnna said...

Ok, I just CRIED during the trailer. I think we need to see this movie. Maybe. I'm a little fresh off of post-tornado fright from Friday, where B was in a different cellar than I was and I DIDN'T LIKE IT. Maybe I'll wait a few weeks. But seriously, this looks like a good movie...Glad you're having a great week with your man! You'll be sure to email pics, right? ;)

Amanda Wissmann said...

Never heard of it! But going to look into it now for sure!

Looking forward to the recipe! Mmmmm! I think..otherwise you wouldn't be posting it...would you? I mean, you did say it's a life changer. that doesn't always mean for the better....

My-cliffnotes said...

I could have sworn he was a Ginger :)

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I am going to check it out. Do we get to see the pictures? ;)


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