Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why I’ll never be a travel blogger…and an interview

As most things go, my laptop is worse than I thought. The screen…the internal screen has cracked and the entire thing needs to be replaced. Of course it’ll cost half of what I paid for the entire laptop, but that’s beside the point. United airlines saying they’re not liable for the damage and refusing to pay it, is beside the point. Finding out I can hook my laptop to my tv with the HTMI cable so I can have a big mondo screen to use… now that’s just plain cool.

Granted I can only go 4 feet from the tv, since the cable doesn’t reach very far, and I have to sit on my coffee table with the actual laptop on a pillow on a little table, but the fact that I’m staring at my tv while I type, not gonna lie, is kinda cool.

It’s the little things for me that keep me going these days. Otherwise I’ll flat out lose my mind.

One thing that’s keeping me sane is I have an interview today! The job that I tested for 1 1/2 weeks ago that I mentioned, I passed! I was sweating it for awhile there. Especially since I left for Japan, I didn’t exactly have a way to find out if they contacted me. I had a friend getting my mail and it wasn’t until the end of the week that the letter finally arrived saying I’m scheduled for the interview. What a relief!

Thanks to Katie, I learned what the sidewalk things are for…other than to cause me misery! Its to help the visually impaired. Which now that she said that, it makes all sorts of sense since its literally down the middle of every single sidewalk and on the edge of every street and everywhere else you would think you’d like a warning before potentially dying.

G took this for me and then after said I pose for every shot. My question back would be…how else should I pose? I think as far as poses go, this is a rather tame one.. especially considering the two girls to the left are cutsie posing.

I wanted to throw my arms in the air, put my hands on my hips, stick my butt out and blow a kiss…but darn if I didn’t hold back and stand there like a bump on a log.

I digress.

I can tell you now, I’m not destined to be a travel blogger. Pretty sure G-man wouldn’t be able to handle the constant photos and documentary of it all. Ironically we had this very discussion after I snapped a photo of my delicious iced Cappuccino and he informed me he has a friend who said he can’t stand when people take photos of everything they eat and drink. To which I replied his friend needed to get over it and look away if it bothered him.

I may have been a little sassy at that moment…and for the record I’m 93% sure he was talking about an actual friend and not himself…

Still digressing…

After that, we determined that I’d be a horrible travel blogger because a) I don’t remember where I went… for instance, above. I have no idea what city we were in or temple that is. b) G doesn’t like the fact that I’d be giving up ‘locations’ of where “we” are. which I guess makes “A” come in handy quite nicely… and c) it’s a lot of work documenting every single moment, train ride and tip.

Though I have a big tip for you… Four Seasons Tokyo?? Don’t even bother staying there. Huge waste of money for nothing. I did take the pen in the room though to “show them”. Not sure they fully got the message though… maybe if I had written the message with the pen. hmmm, that would have been good…

                                                                                          See!? Pretty!
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Amanda Wissmann said...

you totally crack me up. I could HEAR the sassy in your typing! But I'm totally the same. We have a teammate who pretty much in every discussion, talks about how much he hates when people take pics/post their food...So I tagged him in a picture of my water one day to "show him" hahahah! Im such a punk.

and for what it's worth, I LIKE YOUR POSE! Just enough pop of the hip without being dramatic.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I am laughing at your blog post and Amanda's comment! Yall are too funny! I'm glad you take pictures of everything.

PraisingMyCreater said...

I loved your comment about your pose. HaHa! I am the exact same way. Yet I look at the other person and I'm like wow they look so cute! What are you doing in Japan? I was there a few years back. Such a beautiful country!


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