Monday, September 10, 2012

A thankful me - 34

Well hello, there. Did we all have a weird weekend? Or was that just me.

Friday consisted of being there for a friend and things she needed to work through…that lasted the entire day and night. It was exhausting. It drained both my mental battery and my phone’s battery, but rest assured everything has worked out for her benefit.

Saturday was an emotional day that ended with one of the worst nights in my business, where I felt incredibly old and out of place. But trust me, that was a good thing (in my mind).

And Sunday was a day for God and finally giving over something that has plagued me for longer than I’d care to admit. Where I finally surrendered it, accepting what He wanted, regardless of the outcome and OOh, how it felt so good. Its scary to do that. Fearing what He may say and having it be the opposite of what you think you want. I know. I’ve been scared for a very long time. Until yesterday. I’m amazingly light hearted and feel so much peace about it all.

They say writing is therapeutic, whether it be typing it or pen to paper. It gets those thoughts out of your head. The thoughts that beat you with repetition day in and day out. The ones that consume you and pull you deeper into your stress and anxiety. It’s the worst.

I opened my computer and started typing. Points I wanted to remember at first but then the words started to flow. Sentences, paragraphs were formed and before I knew it, a full blown letter was written, rewritten, proofed and edited. Granted this took about 3 hours to write but within 30 minutes of completing it, I got my peace. I got my resolve and I felt that huge weight lift off my shoulders that I’ve been carrying for God knows how long. {because He does}.

So today, that’s what I’m thankful for. Having a God that graciously takes my stresses and burdens from me. Patiently waits for me to hand them over. And loves on me after I finally can’t take it anymore and surrender.

1 Peter 5:7
..casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.


Happy Monday everyone!

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Lauren said...

A beautiful thing isn't it? That peace that surpasses all human understanding when we give our selves and circumstance completely over to him :)

Thanks for sharing, needed to read that.


The Heart Of A Woman said...

I also had an emotional weekend. I am thankful you found peace through it all.

Jennifer Blair said...

Love this Em! It's been a bit of a crazy week/weekend for me too! I LOVe that photo and verse. His peace is the best thing in the world!

Noa / said...

My weekend was totally weird... This entire past month has, actually. Hmmm. Which explains why I've been a little MIA. Hope this week is much better for the both of us. **** HUGS ****

Katie said...

Loves this! There just isn't much better than a weightless peace after carrying a burden for far too long. Hope this week & and weekend are much less weird for you :)


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