Monday, September 24, 2012

A thankful me - 36

Hi ho everyone! Let’s all pause and reflect on the fact it’s the last week of the month. Oh my dear goodness this is hard to fathom. The start of my weekend was busy but thankfully by 7pm Saturday it was nothing but restful. Just how I like to round it out, if you ask me.

I had a bit of anxiety since my friend came for a quick visit Thursday that involved a meeting at my house that left a lot of trash and dishes. Trash and dishes that couldn’t be cleaned up until Saturday evening (I was so busy) and I was having the most difficult time seeing it all. Once I got home at 5 that night, I spent the next 3 hours cleaning. Best part was making a long list and crossing each and every single one of those things off. aahhh, satisfaction indeed.

Today is my sister in law’s birthday, so (though she doesn’t read my blog) I wanted to give a hearty happy birthday to her!

Today there’s so many things to be thankful for..for one..
- bacon. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I love bacon and the fact there were still some left in my fridge to have a BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) made me endlessly happy
- my friend flying in for 24 hours and getting 7 1/2 hours of that 24 to hangout with her
- realizing my backseat in my car reclines. The fact I’ve owned the SUV for 2 years and have been eating my lunch in the backseat of said SUV for the past 4 months has not been lost on me. All that to say, it made my day knowing I could recline.
- long emails from friends. They really are a day brightener, not to mention my daily back and forth emails to my mom while we both work.
- your love over my eyebrows! Who knew that would make me so happy!? But know that it did. =)
- seeing the show on History 2 Channel, “How the States Got Their Shapes”. It is such a good show and so informative! I never realized that I would enjoy watching history shows or learning about history. Clearly a sign of me getting older because younger..? I couldn’t care less about any of it.

And then some extra special things…
- using a belt in my hair for a little extra something. Scooping peanut butter with my Hershey’s (best idea EVER) and making a real breakfast for the first time in weeks and weeks!
photo 1 (7)photo 2 (6)photo 3 (1)

How’d your weekend fair?

I had the worst itch to spend a ton of money over the weekend, it was unbearable! Do you ever get that way?

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

I love the belt in your hair! Seeing friends that live far away is the best! I may get to see my best friend who lives in Nashville this weekend. Shes coming to give her family some exciting news ;) I'm glad you had a good weekend and I hope the week I great as well!

Lauren said...

Weekend was good! Got to spend it with two of my favorite kiddos! And you've made me hungry now :)) Oh I love bacon...mmm

have a good day!

Natalie said...

God bless the bacon =)

Jossie Schauerhamer said...

It was so good to see you lady! Sorry I couldn't stick aroun to help you clean up the mess :-) I guess I could have if I wouldn't have slept until noon but you know....gotta sleep in when the kiddos aren't around. Love ya!

Tatiana said...

That food looks amazing! And I think it's so funny that you eat your lunch in the back seat of your car. Isn't there a corner in the office you can get away from everyone? And I'm so glad you've got so many things to be thankful for :-)

My-cliffnotes said...

What'd you buy? I have the itch too. Damn season changes.


PS Bacon yes yes yes

Jess said...

Look at you all cutesy. Love the large hoops. As an owner(?) of 7 earring holes, I used to have hoops that big. Wonder what happened to them.....hmmmmmm. Your hair looked great. Loved the purple stripey, pink crazy combo.
A staple to get me through most days is peanut butter on a spoon dipped in chocolate chips.
I made bacon, in my oven, just as you directed. It was Irish bacon, but it was oh so yummy and easy.
Me thinks I shall do that again soon.

I've missed you this last week. Will get back to my regular correspondence soon. Just know that yours is the only blog I've commented on in the last 15 minutes and now I am off to bed again. That speaks of my love for you.

Katie said...

I'm choosing to look right over the bacon comment. :) Hope this week is restful! And that apartment keeps itself clean for you ;)

arielle elise. said...

I can't believe its the last week in september already!! loved your list of things you are thankful for! You hair looks awesome in that bun with your belt :) Have a blessed week!

Rachel said...

Oh, this has made me want bacon!

Ticking off your to-do list sounds perfect. I currently have so many things I want to get done but I can't move around enough to do them!


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