Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Calling all beauties

Yes, I’m talking to you.

I need your smarts
your expertise
your know how
your insight
your brains when it comes to beauty products.

I have used the same stuff for years. Makeup, face wash, moisturizer. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Well, I’m thinking it’s a bit broken.

My sister in law is an esthetician (oh my gosh, I spelled that right on the first try…*cough* any way..) and she recommended M2 and SkinCeuticals for a face wash. Both very different w/M2 getting very mixed reviews. She uses M2 and it works just fine for her.

I used to use Purity for years and years but it was time to move on from it as I felt it wasn’t cleaning as deeply as I needed.

What face wash do you use that’s gentle (I have skin that whines like a baby but will dry like the desert), that still gives a deep clean and that isn’t really a drying agent. The SkinCeuticals is ok, but I’m not seeing fantastic results for the price I paid.

Let’s move on to makeup.

This to me, is more serious because I’ve been stuck in the same makeup for years…meaning, I’ve used the same makeup for years…yes I need to throw it away. With that said, I’m DYING for a good, no, GREAT eyebrow filler. Whether it’s a pencil, powder and brush, tattoo…ok, I don’t want a tattoo, but something that you love and that’s worked for you, that doesn’t look like your eyebrows went from a soft brown to black. >>finger pointing at self<<

I use (present tense) Models Prefer eyebrow pencil…and it’s a bit harsh. Some days I wonder if its as obvious to others as it is to me that my eyebrows went 3 shades darker..and then I tell myself that yes, most likely they do notice and I run to the bathroom and cry.

Ok, not an actual portrayal but that’s beside the point. I’m on my last pencil and they don’t sell these anymore and I’m stressing over what to get to replace it.


Let’s continue on to the under eyes and a little something called bags..and dark circles..and permanent sunspots that were obtained thanks to birth control and sun exposure. Being told that you look like you have 2 black eyes is very enjoyable, says no one ever.

SO! What I’ve been using for years *cough* and years, is Mally Cancellation Concealer Systemthe same one. It works alright but I would really love something new that works beautifully. That’s smooth and brightening and that would work like a charm…and that isn’t 5 years old.

Ladies, will you help?! Will you share your beauty favorites and finds?

I need your best face wash
your best eyebrow filler
and your best under eye concealer/brightener

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Kate Harvey said...

For skincare, I swear by Clinique (I actually use all Clinique makeup too!). Their 3-step system (face wash, toner, moisturizer) is so perfect for combination skin. Cleans really well without drying. I use the Acne Solutions line which cleared up my acne when I started it a few years ago, and I've kept with it to prevent breakouts. Works beautifully! They have other lines too, depending on your skin type. Here's a link:


I highly recommend!!

Something Ivory

Anonymous said...

God, I wish I could help but I'm in the same boat as you...I need a regimen that actually works!


Lauren said...

LOL Wish I could help... I'm still searching for mine :) Except my face wash. I use Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Skin Cleanser Gel. I've been using this for a year. Its worked really well for me. I've had hardly to no breakouts. Redness is down to almost null. So any way thats all I got! :)

Anonymous said...

For face wash, I use Oil of Olay products. I feel like it cleanses my skin really well, without leaving it feeling all tight & itchy.

Can't help you with the eyebrow stuff since I don't use it. However, I have seen you up close & personal over the past few years, & I've never noticed your eyebrows looking too dark.

For the brown spots, my mom (who has her fair share), swears by Kat Von D's tattoo cover up. It's meant to cover up tattoos, but if it can do that, then those pesky lil brown spots don't stand a chance! My mom seems pleased with how it works, anyhow.

Good luck!

sandi said...

well, i am where all you young chicks are heading... the mid 40s (sigh). i have oily skin but don't really like harsh things with chemicals i cannot pronounce.

face wash: kiss my face olive oil soap ($3 a bar, one bar will last about 5-6 months). there are no parabans or other harmful chemicals in this soap. for exfoliation i use baking soda one day and alba botanicals scrub the next.

with oily skin i don't use an eyebrow filler (although i need one) i always worry about things smudging and ending up where they should not be.

i do use a mary kay undereye product but it has parabans in it and i am looking for a "pure" option. don't want to throw this away and be wasteful but my next one will be a natural product. my issue is that the more you put under the eyes to conceal/brighten the more makeup gets caught in the lines that are now forming. would rather use less product and look younger... a quandry can't you tell.

cannot wait to check back and see what others are recommending for the eyes as i have been using the same products for years also.

LeAnna said...

Finding the right face wash is a never ending battle I feel. I usually end up rotating through several favorites, and find that to be the best. I like to use more natural products when possible, but sometimes they just don't work as well. I've been making a green-clay, honey and apple cider vinegar mask to use once a week and it seems to help a lot with the blackheads. My skin is AWFUL right now thanks to pregnancy (and why I think it's a boy!) so I've just about thrown in the towel.

I did find a good moisturizer from Origins. I LOVE their eye liner, so you might check and see if they have a brow filler.

Research the oil cleansing method. It might be something that intrigues you, or totally freaks you out. I know a lot of people who love it, but I'm not brave enough to try quite yet.

meme-and-he said...

I use clean&clear face wash without any microbeads or scrubs in it (my face is sensitive too) and then use up&up face moisturizer to keep it from getting dry. I don't use any eyebrow filler (is that really bad?) and I use clinique almost makeup under my eyes.
Good luck Em!

Megan said...

I buy whatever is cheap, so I'm not your best bet. Haha!

Jess said...

I'm not the best when it comes to beauty advice (I've been using the same makeup for years as well...as in the same tube or container) I will tell you that the best eyebrow filler I've used is Bare Essentials. As in the infomercial. Several different shades, lasts forever (literally) and its easy to apply. I'm hopeless and pretty cheap when it comes to this stuff.
Let me know what works for you...beautiful.
You. ;)

Jess said...

And I second the oil cleansing method LeAnna mentioned. Have heard amazing things but have not tried it yet. I mean honestly if you keep putting crap on your skin your skin is going to keep giving you crap right?
Okay okay I need to look into it more....

Katie said...


*crickets chirping*


I can recommend a facewash at least? Ha. But I have super oily skin, so what works for me might be too harsh for you. I love Neutragena's deep clean daily cream cleanser (and the exfoliator)

Kate Harvey said...

Test comment! Hope this works!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I actually love St Ives for a face wash. Their "gentle" one is my favorite and my husband loves their "invigorating" one.

meghan said...

I love Neutrogena for face wash. I don't use an eyebrow filler. And I use MAC under eye concealer and Laura Mercier under eye brightener. I LOVE the concealer but don't use the brightener that much.

Behold the Metatron said...

re concealer...

I use the YSL Touche Eclat:

so expensive but I love it. Doesn't crease or flake (every one I've tried does) and I just use this in trouble spots and the Garnier BB cream. Love it. Even and not cake and fake! :o)


Becky [Apples of Gold] said...

I use clinique face wash. They are SO so incredibly good. For eyebrow filler I use maybelline in the closest shade of brown I can find to my own natural color... I never use JUST a pencil for my brows because that pencil look tends to make them look a little harsh. Instead I use a brow brush.
Sometimes, if I'm feeling up to it, I use BOTH a pencil and the eyebrow pressed powder filler.. I did that for my wedding and it turned out great...does take a little extra time though, but hey. It's worth it. For under eye concealer I use the Amazing Cosmetics brand (bought it at Sephora.)It's worked pretty darn well... better than the Clinique concealer I was using for a while.
Hope you find what works best for you!

Chantel Klassen said...

I know I'm late on this post but I wanted to add my two cents. I use Mary Kay liquid foundation (the matte one for combination to oily skin) and then follow up with the powder foundation. I found it works great for keeping the grease away.
I have eyebrow issues thanks to a run in with a picnic table in my pre-school days so thanks to my stitches I am missing part of my eyebrow. I use a Sally Hansen powder . . . I bought it 5 years ago and still have more than half left so I don't know if they even sell it any more. But it came in a compact with brown and a black. I like to mix them both together to get the color of my eyebrows. I really like it and think it looks natural.


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