Monday, September 3, 2012

A thankful me - 33

Happy Labor Day everyone!! Even you outside the states. =) I am beyond happy, not to mention well rested, that I have today off. I needed this as I’m sure many of you did.

Happy news: my haircut was a success! I’m going to go all into it another day but I’m quite happy with it.
why yes, I did bring my camera to the appointment. Is that odd? Because I think she thought it was a little odd.
The weekend turned out to be a pretty darn good one. Since I was in the city for the cut, I made the trek to the beloved Costco, where I forgot that weekends offer the best samples! I ate seaweed salad and it was soooo good!! I can’t go without mentioning my beloved Target and getting a cute tank top for $4.50. Now I want to to go back and get all the colors, I love it so much!

And to round out the day, I made it to Bed Bath and Beyond where I finally upgraded my water bottle to one that probably won’t kill me from all the plastic bph crap they go on and on about, seeing how my old one I was using was over 6 years old, had a leaky seal with the cap broken off and was made in a time that couldn’t care less about the harm of plastics.

I feel so much safer… >sarcasm<

Oh, and I’d like to announce that I finally upgraded my measuring spoons to stainless steel ones. Something I’ve wanted to do for years! Who knew they’d only cost me $6?! Now if only a food processor and Kitchen Aid mixer were only $6, my weekend would have been complete.

Chicken was on the menu on Sunday and since I was tagged on instagram to know what I was doing at that moment(because we all want to know what we’re all doing), of course it was documented. You’re welcome. (yes mom, I was on the phone with you in this picture) #multitasking
I made it to church yesterday too. First time in months…where I was called out for being lazy..twice. I could only laugh and agree. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been pretty lazy on Sundays and not going. And as you know, the longer you don’t go the tougher it is to go with the whole guilt and silliness of thinking you’ll be judged when they do see you, so you think its just best to avoid all that and stay away. (am I still generalizing or pinpointing..?)

Speaking of lazy, that’s what today is all about. Being lazy. Which I'm thankful for x100. Not to mention everything above, too.

Do you get to be lazy today?

Tell me all about your weekends, friends!

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meghan said...

I'm glad your haircut went well! Yay for awesome finds at some of my favorite stores. I love my stainless measuring cups and spoons.

Lisa said...

I am so not enjoying this post......

Not only did I have an AWFUL haircut on Saturday but I am working TODAY!!

Enjoy your lazy least it is almost home time here and I can go be a little lazy then!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad the haircut was a success, can't wait to see! I went to the same stylist for my entire life and now that I'm in FL I've had to switch. I am still searching for the perfect's so hard :( I wish I could be lazy today, but I was lazy the other days so today is all about cleaning and getting ready for house guests tonight...we're grilling out in celebration of the day off!


Amanda Wissmann said...

Hello to you!

SO glad the haircut was a success! Meh! If you're going to keep the girl you found, she will learn soon enough that a camera just lives in your hand!

GAH! Targeeeeet. I wanna gooooooo! 3 more months..3 more months!!!

LOL measuring spoons. It took me forever to find some in peru I am SO thankful for my plastic ones...except when I dropped the tablespoon in hot grease and it melted. I don't know WHY I still have it? I can't bear to throw it away as long as it took to find them. hahaha!

Yummy chicken. and seaweed salad! stop it! Im drooling over here!

Happy Monday!

Katie said...

So glad your haircut went well...I was seriously nervous for you! Bad haircuts are the worst. And that chicken looks DELISH.

I'm being SO lazy today! J's finally home after being gone all weekend and the house is already all lots of movies, reading, maybe a leisurely walk around the hood, and trying a new recipe are in store. Three day weekends are THEE best :)

My-cliffnotes said...

I wish I could be lazy today I can barely keep my eyes open.

sandi said...

to the lake is our weekend motto. but you should know that... all my summer pictures look the same week after week. this weekend was different ~ we got rained on all weekend. so qwirkle, rummicube and scrable tournaments were on tap. even with 11 of us in the house (five kids) we had a ball all weekend. great time with family. now it's back to the business of school, soccer, piano lessons and ballet. gotta get my mommy taxi gassed up!

sandi said...

how lame... i did not spell scrabble correctly.

Megan said...

Yay for a good haircut! I love when it goes well. I think it's totally normal (in blog world) that you took your camera. Hahaha!!

Jhen.Stark said...

Excited to see the haircut! And I still have plastic measuring cups... maybe it's time I upgrade since it's only $6 ;)

Chantel Klassen said...

I love your thankful posts! I'm getting my hair done today -so excited!

I love that you talk about your measuring spoons. I'm kind of ashamed to admit, I've never owned measuring spoons. I often think about it when baking but forget as soon as I go to the store that I should pick some up. Maybe this will be the week I buy some! :)

Jess said...

The haircut looks lovely. The one on IG I mean. ;) I love Target. I really truly could spend all my money there. Buying things that I don't need but want want want. Yay for cheapo tanks, I bought about 5 of them from Target not that long ago.

Chicken looks yummy.


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