Monday, December 3, 2012

Why you should memorize your license plate

Because if you don’t, while driving through a very bad part of town at 11pm on a Friday night, looking for a gas station {as you’re about to be out of gas}, you’ll hear a “pop” and notice you have a warning light on on your dash.
Which will cause you to drive even deeper into the very bad part of town praying to find a gas station soon, though you notice its only serving to keep you in the housing development.

You’ll be forced to pull over in front of dimly lit apartments and houses because your car is wobbling too much from the blown tire and you’re unwilling to risk driving anymore on it. And while you’re on the phone with AAA, they’ll ask you what your license plate number is and no matter how many times you’ve attempted to learn it, its never stuck and you’re forced to get out of your car to walk to the back to read it to them.

Which will lead to the questionable seedy black man, who’s walking down the other side of the 4 lane road {at 11pm} to see you on your phone, at the back of your car, to cross the 4 lane street in order to “get a better look”. This will prompt you to get back in your car, locking the doors {but darn if the dome light still stays on}, while explaining to AAA that you are in fact in a very bad part of town and that the man is now hovering by your passenger door “waiting” for you to get off the phone.

As you continue to talk to AAA, he’ll back up to watch you through your windshield as he leans against the wall, lighting his cigarette, showing he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The AAA agent will then ask you to give your exact location, which you can’t give because you don’t know where you are, and you don’t want to turn your GPS on as it will illuminate the inside of your car, making everything that’s in it, visible to the guy smoking his cigarette, watching you. This will naturally prompt you to declare to the AAA agent that you don’t care what it will do to your car, you’ll be driving down the road in order to get away from him.

Once your car is started, the guy will start waving for you to stop, which will make you give a “do I have stupid written on my forehead??” wave right back as you slowly drive away. A measly 2 1/2 blocks later, you pull over near a stop light, in a mildly more visible area, and give your exact location.

5 minutes later, they’ll ask if you want them to call the police to come sit with you since it’ll be up to a 45 minutes wait and you causally mention that you ‘wouldn’t mind that one bit.’ And you will sit there…and sit there..for 15 minutes before the cop arrives. He’ll confirm that you are indeed in a very bad part of town and points out that 2 blocks straight is a prostitution house. And he’ll also point out that there’s not a gas station that he would advise you to go to anywhere near your current location.

As you joke around with the cop, AAA will finally show up to fix your tire, and you thank God that your boyfriend bought a 5th tire as a spare 2 years ago instead of an actual spare.

The cop will escort you to a safe gas station, wait while you pump, point you in the direction to get back home, shake your hand and drive away..

And you drive home.. but not without thinking that all the extra drama could have been avoided had you just memorized your license plate!

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Lisa said...

Gosh it was such an experience, I was just so glad you were safely home!!

Anonymous said...

Scary! You know that this will be our first topic of conversation on Wednesday, right? Relieved and happy you got home, safe & sound.

the blogivers said...

This story stresses me out! I would have had a heart attack. Glad it had a happy ending!

Natalie said...

OMGOSH! Yikes! Thank goodness the cop came to sit with you for awhile though... next time you should write your plate number on a sticky note and keep in in the dashboard or something so you don't have to actually get out of your car... just an idea.

sandi said...

oh my! i could just give that cop a hug for sitting with you like that. of course i remember the license plate of the car i had for nine years.. it was totalled last year when a girl ran a red light. but the one i have had for the last year? i haven't a clue. guess i need to write it down.

how's little miss kallie doing?

Callie Nicole said...

Oh gosh, that would be scary!

Lauren said...

WOW! I'm glad that you were able to get a police officer to stay with you. I remember getting lost one time in downtown Atlanta... yeah not something you easily forget :)

Wendy said...

Yikes! This totally sounds like something that would happen to me! Glad it all turned out ok. Gotta go...going outside to look at my license plate number right now! :)

Have a blessed week, friend.

Megan said...

Ummm yeah, I have no idea my license plate. Yikes! I'm so glad the cop came to hang out with you!!

My-cliffnotes said...

Uhh scary Ill be memorizing mine stat

Blog more please

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh goodness, girl! I'm so glad you were okay!

Katie said...

Eeek...Em this story is so creepy!! I'm glad you're safe and no worse for the wear!!!!


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