Thursday, December 6, 2012

A rose by any other name

would smell as sweet. And a sunset by any other name would be just as beautiful.

It was on that third night, we experienced a truly magical sunset. One for the record books for us. I think its very important to witness one truly spectacular sunset on each island. It’s a must! An absolute must.

I’m so thankful my Kauai sunset did not disappoint.

I think G-man has finally accepted my need to capture the sunsets. Before, I think it bothered him I always wanted to take photos of yet another sunset, leaving me gushing about something that he saw growing up living near the water… a sun setting into the ocean. No big deal really for the man. But I think he finally sees my desire to truly capture spectacular sunsets. He’s less likely to make comments, but instead encourages me to get out.

To understand when I say, “I have to go riiight now” when it means leaving the food on the stove and him finishing the dinner.

I’m thankful he gets it now. Because as odd as it may sound, its becoming quite the passion for me. The best part…is when he’s eager to see the images on the computer and ooh and aaw when I pull them up. Picking which one his favorite is. Makes my heart happy.

This night was no different. I admit, I didn’t think it would be a magical sunset but I was so wrong. Once the sun was completely behind Niihau, the show began.
em153em154em155Once it started to fade a little, I took a seat on the deck to soak in the last bit of colors. Resting in God’s beautiful masterpiece.
Its hard passing up one of these nights. As the moon shone, we went back inside, ate our dinner and watched what we thought was the newest Spiderman, but really was the first one and rested and talked and enjoyed each other’s company as the waves crashed on the shore behind us. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to our nights in the beach cottage.

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sandi said...

these are quite amazing!

glad he is getting on board with your passion of catching the shots. ann voskamp has a chapter in her book (one thousand gifts) where her husband comes in from the barn and nods to the window. she loves chasing the moon and it was full that night. she left dinner on the table and ran out in the field trying to catch it. her descriptions are so poetic... and i love the fact that her husband gets her passion for running and dancing in the moonlight at it's fullest.

those pictures almost make it worthwhile to spend the $2500 in airfare it would take to get the family there! maybe we could pitch a tent on the beach once we get there to save some money!

Anonymous said...

Emily, these photos are absolutely breathtaking! And I'm sure that seeing this in person it was even more spectacular. It's funny because I'm the same way...I'll get up every day or go out every night while on a vacation to take photos of sunrise/set because each one is unique. Such amazing them all!


Megan said...

It's so sweet that he likes to look at the pictures with you!! Absolutely stunning!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

how fun that your man is into this stuff, too! i mean, honestly how could he not be since you have the most rad camera in all the world?? : )

My-cliffnotes said...

They're hideous

Except not

Claire said...

those pictures are breathtaking! no wonder you have to drop everything and capture those gorgeous sunsets!

Katie said...

So stunning! Those clouds looks so gorgoues with the colors reflecting off of them.

And what a good man...willing to look at and sacrifice a good meal for some picture taking :)

The Heart Of A Woman said...



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