Monday, December 10, 2012

A thankful me - 44

Monday already! This weekend went by at all sorts of different speeds. Thankfully I didn’t have any repeats of last weekend with getting a flat tire, but it was still crazy. Jam packed busy.

Saturday, I was on my way to do a jewelry party, and I followed my directions to her house just fine until I pulled up to a gated community. She didn’t tell me it was a gated community and I truly didn’t think that’s where she lived, so I texted her…
photo 1

Yes, all gated communities are hater communities… you didn’t know!?

She bought me a Santa hat (my first Santa hat ever), so I wore it the entire night feeling oh so festive.

Have you ever taken a personality test? Like a really extensive one? G-man and I were to take one years ago and while I was cleaning out the big dresser that’s in my dining room…{you’d have to see it, it totally works in there, promise}, I came across his! I honestly don’t even know if I did mine, but boy, let me tell you, his results are spot on to how he is. I couldn’t believe it!

I called him up and read his results to him and the whole time he would say, yep! that’s exactly how I am. Yeah, I do that probably a little too much…

This almost made me want to see if I really took mine or not, almost. I’m not sure I want to know the truths about me. Voluntary ignorance is bliss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Its been awhile since I’ve said what I’m thankful for throughout the week so I feel its high time its picked back up.

- indoor plumbing.. I don’t think I’ll ever take this for granted. Especially in the winter months. And especially ever since my friend who was born and raised in East Germany shared stories of how their toilet was on the landing of the outside stairs for all neighbors to use in their complex. And how inside their apartment, it was so cold, ice would cover her interior bedroom walls…and that they had no running hot water. Her mom would heat it on the stove, and fill the tub up in the kitchen for a bath and my friend would go first, then her husband and the mom would go last, once a week.

I’m blessed with my gas fireplace, electricity, central heat and hot water within seconds.

- extra pillows on my bed. Saturday night, on a whim, I grabbed a pillow and shoved it between my legs to sleep. All night long I slept with that thing firmly in place, and all night long my hips, knees, and ankles had never felt so good. They didn’t hurt once, like they have been…and I feel incredibly old for a) needing a pillow between my legs to not be in pain and b) the sheer fact I’m even bringing it up as a topic of conversation.

- my lia sophia business. It’s going really well and I’m so thankful for it. It’s a little overwhelming with juggling it and my FT job but I’m always so grateful when another person wants me to do their party. Its so fun and I love it!

- and not to mention they’re sending me and G-man on an all expenses paid trip to Riviera Maya Mexico in a few months!!! We’re so flipping excited! They’re sending us here and everything about it is going to be amazing.

I surprised G-man with the news when I was in Hawaii and he was blown away. I worked hard to earn that trip for 2, and its going to make us being there all the sweeter. I cannot WAIT to get pampered!

How did your weekend turn out? Are you finished Christmas shopping or still have a ways to go?

I bought a couple more things over the weekend (that may or may not have included things for myself..) but I’m 50% done..I think.

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Natalie said...

OooO! A trip to Mexico! In the words of Napoleon Dynamite, "Lucky."

Behold the Metatron said...

Haha I love texts that come up that way. So funny and ironic. Good for you for saving up for that trip. Well deserved!

I do most of my xmas shopping online so I'm pretty much done too!


sandi said...

the weekend was super! morgan (4) had her first ballet recital. the video is on the blog, confusion is cute at that age! after the recital the girls and i snuggled on the couch and watched *secret of the wings*, a total girly movie. sam (turning 10 tomorrow) and hubby went to a carolina tarheels basketball game for his birthday. when you turn 5, 10, 15, etc. you get an overnight trip with the parents instead of a birthday... i couldn't go because of the recital. church sunday and small group bible study at our house sunday night... that sums it up. and you know my shopping is done, wrapped and under the tree!

sandi said...

oh, and double thumbs up for earning that trip! that must have been many many hours of your free time to qualify for that level. the mom in me is proud of your work ethic! seriously, i'm proud. which is sorta odd don't you think?!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Hooray for a trip to Mexico! And I'm glad you officially have your very first Santa hat! :)

meghan said...

Awesome job earning that trip! I know those aren't easy, so that's super exciting. And I'm sure he was thrilled too!

My-cliffnotes said...

Wait I thought we were going on that trip ;)


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