Tuesday, December 4, 2012

To be a tourist

Hi, its me.

Its been a couple weeks, I know. I just wasn’t quite in the spirit of blogging all last week after getting back home. A few of you emailed asking if I was ok, so I have to say, thanks for checking up on me. I really thought I’d take a break until January, but then Friday happened, and I just couldn’t stay away any longer.

It was all sorts of insano!

And besides, I’m feeling a lot more like “me” now. Any way, surprisingly most of the time I was in Hawaii, I didn’t take too many pictures. I kept my phone and camera away for a lot of the time, and it was nice. When I brought it out, I made the most of it, and really enjoyed playing with Montague (aka my new camera).

We thought it would be fun to go to the Dole Plantation since we’d never been, and made our trek to the North Shore. G-man informed me that I wasn’t able to walk through the maze since it was for kids only.. {but now looking at the website, I feel a little cheated… I think I’m going to have a talk with the man. I could have been entered into the history of Dole plantation with the fastest recorded time!! I feel gipped!}

Instead we ate pineapple ice cream, which was delicious and meandered our way through their little gardens of pineapples as we waited for our train ride.

Before we rode the train, they had us pose w/the pineapple. At first we just held onto it and smiled, but the photographer felt we needed a second picture with the shaka, and we’re glad we did, because at the end of the ride we ended up really liking the picture of us. $25 and 4 copies (plus the digital) later, we now have a fun little capture.

For all those who are ‘newer’ to my blog, he’s requested to not have his picture shown. So I’ve taken great lengths to not show his face. I think this is the most I’ve ever shown of him. To all you faithful buddies, I know you all are probably thinking ‘just show his face already!!’, so thank you for your patience! Just know there’s a great smile underneath that blur.


Dole Plantation, isn’t all that much to look at, I admit. It is a nice place to get away and be a little touristy, if you’re wanting it, but a person can easily swing in and 15 minutes later swing out with a mental ‘check in the box’ for having gone.

I’m glad we both got that ‘check in the box’.

Tell me, if you’ve been to Hawaii, have you ever been to the Dole plantation?

What were your thoughts there?

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Lisa said...

Hey we got a "full frontal" (that doesn't sound right but you know what I mean right???) of G man so we should be happy...in past it as been a hand, an arm and so on!!

Thanks for sharing your touristy day with us and welcome back...you were missed.

Claire said...

Aw you guys are so cute! (well, I mean, you are cute and the blur looks like he has potential to be cute ;) hehe. Looks like it was a fun day!!!!!! I loved seeing your picture of the pineapple plant! I've never really seen one before! I'm glad you're happy :)

My-cliffnotes said...

I've decided that he has got to be someone famous, maybe with a wife so you're the mistress.

Yep Mr G is married and famous

Megan said...

That is the most that you have ever shown him!! I still can't believe that you have kept him anonymous. My poor hubs never had a chance. Haha.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I want pineapple ice cream! Yes I would love to see his face but these pics are fun even without knowing! I'm finally catching up on my reading!


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