Thursday, December 13, 2012

The forgotten left side

Sooo, you’re saying you want me to talk more about the fog?

I kid. I kid.

I’ll just go ahead and talk about the only other subject I have to talk about these days: Hawaii. yay you!

Most of the trip was rainy. Not just Hawaii drizzle but full on thunder storm rain! We had grand ideas of doing a helicopter tour over Waimea Canyon but the rain was killing our hopes and dreams of it. So we’d put off calling until the last minute each day and the one we really wanted, the ‘no doors’ helicopter (which just typing that has my fingers and toes tingling}, were booked solid!

One morning, on a whim we decided to call another helicopter (with doors) and was scheduled that late afternoon, keeping our fingers crossed it wouldn’t rain.

When we did the helicopter tour in Hilo, we got to sit in the front and it was the best thing ever. I brought my zoom lens and got so many great shots. Had room to move around and saw everything so clearly. So on this trip, I brought my brand new zoom lens; extremely eager to use it, thinking I’d get even better shots with it.

We’re numbered as we piled into the van, declaring where we’d sit. I’m 1, G-man’s 2. He already knew by that we were in the back of the helicopter. I didn’t want to believe him, but he was right.

{My view looking forward} G-man piled in and the couple from Germany immediately followed, cramming me up against the glass. We’re squished, or I should say I’m squished. I kept my happy face on the whole time, knowing we’d be in the air soon, soaring over the canyon.

We take off and..

the sun blinds my view.. but only mine because I’m on the pilot’s side and everyone else can look out the right side windows where all the waterfalls are and the gorgeous cliffs.

I attempted to put my zoom lens on, but I couldn’t even zoom out, I’m too shmooshed up to the glass, so I quickly put my 50mm back on and said a quick ‘thank you’ for deciding to take it along, when I almost didn’t.

He swung around every so often to let me see what everyone else was seeing, but it was obvious the left side of the helicopter is the forgotten side. At that point, 15 minutes in, I was getting really bummed. I hardly took any pictures but just looked out at the view.

Its truly a gorgeous view, there’s no denying that. As everyone was enjoying yet another breathtaking scene, I stared off and imagined seeing something equally beautiful as I fought the feelings of air sickness. I began to dream of those no door helicopter tours since I wouldn’t have to fight looking out bubbled glass that makes me sick every time.

G-man occasionally would tap me on the shoulder and point far off to the right, and I would nod my head and smile. It was obvious he was having a great time, loving every second of the ride, there was no need to drag him into my left side woes.

We neared the famed Na Pali Coast.. something I was so eager to see. The gorgeous blue waters, the fingers going down to the water.. I couldn’t wait!
I had time to take 3 pictures, before he whipped the helicopter back around for everyone else to get yet another look, putting me back into the sun so I couldn’t see anything but ocean. Literally, the man pointed the helicopter so the right side faced the mountains, and the forgotten left had nothing but ocean.

I was getting defeated at this point. Not to mention taking slow deep breaths to calm the heat that was rising inside me from the air sickness, I just wanted us to be done.

We still had about 15 minutes left of the tour, so I sat there and stared off as far as I could to keep the sickness at bay, fixing on the top of trees as we’d spin around a waterfall or crevice, listening to their questions getting answered. Finally, we landed and I was ready to stretch my legs and take some deep breaths.

I was all smiles again, because really, it was a beautiful view that few get to witness, and I was grateful to be able to take the trip to see it so close. Not to mention, G-man was ecstatic. He declared it the best helicopter ride he’d ever been on and the views the best he’s ever seen. In pure awe of the canyon.

How could I kill his thrill of the ride?!

I thanked him for the trip and we finished the night with having the worst sushi we ever had in our lives, and drove back to our hotel laughing hoping we wouldn’t wake up sick.

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~Love Lis said...

Lucky you to take a helicopter ride anyway! I would be a little bummed out too if I didn't get to see everything. Your pictures look amazing! Which zoom lens did you get? I've been wanting to get a new one for years!

brittany kyte created. said...

Aw, what a bummer! But the pictures you DID get are beautiful!!


Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Beautiful photos! What a cool experience!

sandi said...

ignoring your left sided problem completely here... would it give you pleasure to know that i got food poisoning on our honeymoon? be glad you did not get sick. those few great pictures are better than food poisoning any day.

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, these pictures are amazing!!!! I want to go on a helicopter ride. Take me, take me!

meme-and-he said...

what a bummer! I totally know that feeling of not wanting to drag others into your misery, but also wanting everyone else to know that they are COMPLETELY NEGLECTING YOU! ha! Glad you were able to see a few views, and were able to recognize what a unique experience it was regardless.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

Beautiful pictures! I am scare of helicopters so I don't know that I will ever have an experience such as this. I have only been on one once and that was when I was being airlifted to a hospital ahh! I love the Hawaii pictures!!!!


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