Sunday, October 26, 2014

In all that time

Can I pretend I haven't been missing for so long? Or that I unintentionally had my last post be on my birthday? I can't tell you how bad I felt when I would get birthday wishes days and days after. I promise I didn't do it on purpose.

For the past 3 months I've been staying in Las Vegas with my friend, killing myself over my college classes. It was hands down the hardest set of classes I've had. I didn't have time for anything other than my hardest class - Anatomy and Physiology. All I can say is I'm glad its over and I have a life again. My new classes have started up this past week, and I'm slowly getting into that groove though its taking a bit of effort, if I'm completely honest.

I had a great time in Vegas. I didn't do the typical Vegas things; I simply stayed with my friend, visited other friends and got to play volleyball. And anyone who knows me knows I love competitive volleyball. It was great and intense and it proved that I have aged because whoa, was I incredibly sore and achy before the night was even over. The next day was only worse, but I would endure all that pain again if it meant I could play more.

Some other fun and major things that have happened in the past 3 months:

- I got a Macbook. I love it. Just love it! I thought I'd have the hardest time converting to a Mac, but its been the easiest thing ever!

- I went to The Neon Museum in Vegas and highly recommend night. It was so great, and our tour guide was so so good. She went past the one hour tour, and if you read anyone's reviews you'll see they don't like to go over the one hour.

- I did a family photo shoot. Completely wasn't intending it, but my friend asked me and I agreed and it turned out to be the most enjoyable family shoot I've done. Everything just flowed and we all had a great time. I hope to show the photos soon.

- I went to the California coast for my uncle's wedding and it was just beautiful there. The weather was perfect and the time with my family was the greatest.

- I went and saw my brother and his family in Utah. I wish I could have seen them more while in Vegas, but my schedule proved too demanding.

- I lived with a 2 year old and 6 year old for the whole 3 months. I admit, I was nervous about that. A single person living with a toddler is always a questionable turnout but I survived and my friend and I had a fantastic time together. I actually really miss her company and humor.

- I worked a whole day at a golf course where they treated the woman like prostitutes and trash, and by the next morning said I couldn't return.

- I attended my 15 year class reunion. The first reunion I've attended! Only 15 of us showed...out of the 50 in our class. Apparently a lot of my classmates still live in the same town and didn't feel like going since they already "see" everyone. It was still nice seeing everyone and catching up.

My class schedule this time around is a lot less demanding, so I'd like to think I'll have more time to share more and catch up with everyone. I hope you all had a nice weekend...and past three months!

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shelleystursma said...

I was just thinking about you the other day, wondering where you went. Now I know! Glad to have you back! said...

i wanna hear why you could not return.

15 years? Geez i have a son who will be 16 in just over 2 weeks lol.

I missed you too

The Heart Of A Woman said...

It was so good to read your post! You had a great summer minus the a & p class! I'm glad this class schedule will be less demanding on you!

sandi said...

Just the other day I wondered how you were doing and now I know. I have been "blog gone" longer than you so I can certainly forgive you! So much is going on and so much to update but the schedule is just crazy. I have pictures on my camera that I have not even uploaded from July.

Glad those classes are behind you and you have a much easier schedule. Okay, what else... oh, boo for the golf course treatment and yay for not returning. Missed you!

You look fantastic in your reunion picture, cute shorts.


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