Sunday, February 15, 2015

Getting in a habit

I need to get back in the habit of blogging. I've let it go so much and for so long over the past couple years, that I'm finding I'm going longer and longer between posts. It's for no other reason than lack of interest, if I'm being honest, but not, because I think of writing all the time. Confusing but true.

I've done a lot lately and have much to share, so let's say I'm going to be more on top of things in the near future, and lets not pay attention to the fact I've said that before and did not follow through.

So, where have I been and what have I been up to?

At the end of January I went back to California. There I got to see my family and got my typical schoolwork done. It was nice being in the same time zone as most of my friends and communicating more than a good morning as I was saying goodnight. I also did two classes on doTERRA essential oils.

Remember way back in November when I said I started my own business and it was keeping me really busy? That's my business! I joined doTERRA and have been thoroughly loving using essential oils and helping others learn more about them so they can have a chance to switch up the way they take care of their health.

I know for the longest time before joining or even USING, I heard About oils and Thought it WAS a FAD and I Admit, I rolled my eyes at all the 'band Wagon' users. But then WHEN I got a terrible 2 nd degree burn on my thumb from catching my falling hair STRAIGHTENER (I recommend no one to catch Those WHEN They fall, by the way), my Friend Gave me DoTERRA lavender oil to Apply, and within 20 seconds the Searing Pain WAS Gone.   I Kid you not !

After that, I dove in headfirst and have not looked back since. I love love using them and sharing them. If you're curious or have always wondered about them, I'd love to talk to you about them and even send you samples so you can have a chance to experience the oils yourself. Cause no matter how much I talk about them, until you use them yourself will it really matter.

In true G-man and Emily fashion, within two weeks of being in California, I was back on a plane bound for Japan. Within 12 hours of being back, I was on another plane set for Sapporo where G and I spent the next two days exploring. I'll definitely share that trip soon ... well, after I catch up with all the other trips. I'm so behind!

Now, present, I'm back "home" with G-man. He's containing his frustration while he figures out why the wifi is not working and I'm lounging on the couch listening to Michael Buble wishing I had wifi. My life , my business, my school depends on wifi and though I know it'll be back up by the morning (here's hoping), I work on patience of being "disconnected" when I'd rather not be.
In truth, its allowed me to be quite product getting things done around the apartment, so I can not complain too much. So this is me in a nutshell. I've traveled a bunch, getting to visit Odawara Castle, Shabuya and the busiest intersection in the world, the Sapporo Snow Festival; see snow monkeys in Yamanouchi, visit the Nagano Olympics museum, watch a Sumo tournament, and stay in a 400 year old traditional Japanese inn complete with traditional rooms (aka sleeping on a mat on the bamboo floors).

I have a lot to cover! Stick around for more to come ... .provided the man gets this pesky wifi working again. (its up!)

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2 comments: said...

it is funny how much gets accomplished when no internet. For me both at home and work cause then i have to do other things lol.

I like your picture.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I wish I had the will power to unplug! I spend way to much time looking at nothing online and watching nothing worth watching on TV ha. That's awesome that the lavender worked so quickly on your burn!!! Burns are the worst!


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