Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The one time I got dressed up

I realized something major yesterday as I was writing about all my trips. I forgot one major one! The trip to my friend’s to celebrate her 40th birthday. She wanted to bring in her 40th year with a bang and threw a Roaring 20’s themed party. I scoured the interwebs for well over a month determined to find an authentic dress. I find (and found) it interesting that the majority that I found were the rather skimpy ‘flapper’ dresses that were incredibly low cut on top and incredibly high down low.

I finally came across a great website that had authentic style dresses to the 20’s and had mine arrive just days before the party. I had grand plans to attempt the finger waves in my hair, but with time pressed, I kept it straight. Good thing I cut my hair a week before, everyone thought I did to fill the role for the party, so it worked out perfectly.

The birthday girl and I got ready together. This was probably the most makeup I have worn in a long time. It felt like so much.
The party was at one of her friend’s house and it was a nice low key event with a fun corner for photos, though of course I stopped for the selfie…as I do.
It was fun getting to see everyone in their dresses and the men having fun with their suits. We ate, we talked, we posed for pictures and had a great time getting to see everyone again after having moved away.
We found out we bought the exact same feather clip from Hobby Lobby. We were meant to be friends.
This is what happens when two people hand me their iphones and ask me to take a picture of them, and take a long time positioning themselves. I took selfies on both their phones for them to find. I’m sure they appreciated it. em144
More than midway through the party, I couldn’t feel my body slip. It was a snug one, used to keep everything in nice and tight, but it wasn’t down by my thigh like it should have been. I nervously sat down to ‘hunt’ for it, and lo and behold, it shimmed (unbeknownst to me) all the way up above my hips! Talk about shocked! Thank goodness it wasn’t that bright and the beads acted as coverage as I raced to the bathroom.
The party was great, the dress was perfect and the trip was much needed, getting to spend time together with friends and their families. I doubt I’ll ever get another chance to go (let alone be invited) to a themed party, so it was one I’ll always remember and so thankful I got to be a part of it. Pin It Now!


http://sweetcanadian.blogspot.com/ said...

Your friend doesn't look 30 nvm 40. You look great as well.

Callie Nicole said...

How fun, I love that everyone went all out with their outfits!

Tallia said...

I love that dress! And I like the name of your blog as well! It's adorable

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