Monday, April 28, 2014

These days

Things have been getting nice and mellow here for me. Kind of the calm before the chaos again, but I’ll take the slower days and mindless stares to the stresses of schoolwork. Though I admit, I don’t know what to do with myself during the day. I’m in my last week of Spring classes, and I’m excited! Only one assignment left to submit, and a final exam to take, and I’ll be done done done.

In the middle of that, I’ll be driving down to Los Angeles to stay the night with a friend who will then take me to one airport in order for me to get to another airport. I figured taking a bus to LAX, while my car sits at my friend’s house is far better than paying another $600 parking bill at LAX. Wouldn’t you agree?

Surprisingly, since returning from Japan, I’ve only experienced one night of insomnia. This is a huge improvement from my previous returns where I would have 3 or 4 or more nights where I couldn’t sleep a wink. What was great about it (if there is anything great about not sleeping at all), is I was able to write an entire six page paper and create a PSA flyer on my topic. I did it from start to finish in those dark quiet hours, and I was quite proud of myself. Horn tooting over here.

Since I’m having  a little more free time, I got a photography composition tutorial (that you may or may not have seen floating around the blogosphere), and have been enjoying reading about how to achieve better composition within my photos. I’ve been in quite the rut lately with photographing the sights, and am eager to pick up new skills. This rut might be partly the reason I haven’t shared the countless photos I’ve taken from my last trip to Japan. I haven’t felt much love toward them and find myself looking through them, deleting the real bad ones, and tucking them away in a file where they’re ignored.

These days I’ve stepped up my treadmill workouts. I don’t have access to one in Japan, so when I’m back home, I get on that thing as much as I can, and though I hate running, its been going really well! To add to it, I’ve programmed my alarm clock 6 days a week, twice a day to do pushups and planks. I’m finding the afternoon alarm is getting ignored a little more with each passing day, but I’m hoping I fight that urge and get to doing them again. Ever since I read about the bones in my nutrition textbook, it has me want to do more strength training and impact cardio, to help keep them dense and strong. As I was texting my friend just last night, my lower pooch is, well, a pooch, and this isn’t a normal thing for me. Also, what’s not normal is what I used to do to eliminate it isn’t working now, and it has me realize my age might be a contributing factor. The older I get, the more I have to workout to get the results that used to come easy for me. I’ve heard of this, but actually seeing it becoming a reality on myself is less than desirable.

While I was in Japan, I had a rep with ASU send me our mascot for his little world tour, so Sparky arrived, and I took him with us to Mt. Fuji and had a little fun posing him in all the places we visited. They took my quotes and added to the photos they used and I thought they worked out perfect, don’t you agree?

I still think about sharing my flight experience with Singapore airlines, but I’m flying them again on Thursday and figured I’d wait until after to go on and on about them. Just to be sure I have another amazing experience before I rave about them. Hoping you all had a fun weekend.

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Amanda Wissmann said...

Ok- I love the pics with your quotes. Too fun!

I can't believe you go back THIS WEEEEEEK! I can't wait to hear if your flight is as amazing as last time- and if so, Im coming next time! ;)


The Heart Of A Woman said...

I love sparky!!! How cool that those are your pictures?! I can't wait to see more pictures once you start sharing more! I love your photos!


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