Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Exceeding the limit

I’m packing things up today and what’s sad is I only have about 15lbs available in my suitcase for my own stuff. 15lbs! That’s like three pair of shoes and my toiletries bag. I’m bringing so many things for G-man that I’m going to have to get inventive with my own things. I’m about to breakdown and bring a carry on but the thought of lugging a 50lb bag alongside a carry on suitcase through the busy train stations during rush hour is anything but appealing.

But I might have to do it. I’m going to choose to not think about the pain of it all.

The next couple of days are going to be busier than I planned. What was supposed to be a nice leisurely five hour drive to LA, arriving at any point I wanted in the evening, has turned into me having to get there before 6pm. And what was supposed to be a nice Thursday morning where I could get ready at my own pace and arrive at the airport for the shuttle to the other airport between 10-10:30am, has turned into having to be there before 8:30am.  It throws some really huge kinks into things, but I have to go with the new flow in order for it all to work out, so I’m doing my best not to dwell on it too much.

I’m currently sipping on my second cup of coffee as I battle my power cord for my laptop, planning out the morning’s outline; and I can’t help but think, regardless of how much I have to do, stopping to enjoy my coffee takes top priority; even if it leaves me running around scrambling to get out of the house in time a few hours from now.

Since I’m reading the photography composition tutorial, I’ve been following along with the exercises they have, and subsequently have been enjoying every minute of it. Needing an “action hero” for the exercise yesterday, I improvised and used a toy car from my parents tub o’ toys for the grandkids. He was the perfect little subject.

Doesn’t he look happy? It was all about lines for this exercise.

Last night, my Dad suggested we watch a movie together since he’d be gone before I woke up this morning, so we had a little father/daughter time together, which was nice. That’s kind of our thing; watching movies together, so it was nice to do since we haven’t done it in a long time. We watched Everybody’s Fine, which I’ll tell you is really sad; really really sad, so you might not want to watch that with your Dad (since its about a widowed Dad and his grown kids..).

Happy Hump Day to you all. Next stop, Japan!

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Becky | Apples of Gold said...

A movie with your Dad, sweet! ...even if it was sad, I guess. =)
Major points to you for packing just 15 pounds for yourself! That is an insane feat!
I hope your trip runs smoothly!

Lisa said...

Good luck with the packing.....I know I would have to take a carry on no matter what!!

I love the fact that you and your dad shared a movie night...I sure do miss those.

Amanda Wissmann said...

Good for you for having your priorities in order.

yeeeehaw Japan! BRING IT ON!

Awww dad time. love it.

And yay pic! Great job!

that is all.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

A movie night with the dad is awesome! You will get all you need on the plane. Don't worry! I need to learn composition! The toy looks so happy, because you are taking photos of it. Ha! What a photogenic car! said...

Do you HAVE to take so much for GMAN this time, i woulda just said i will take what i can fit lol.

Haven't seen that movie, i will try to remember the title.


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