Thursday, May 1, 2014

It always works out

No matter what, God always takes care of everything. What I thought would be a crazy morning today instead turned out to be perfect. I have to say yesterday where I said I will sacrifice all things in order to enjoy my coffee turned out to be more true than I meant. Well, I guess I did mean it, but I ended up leaving two hours later then I meant which had me scrambling out the door.

Then the entire way there (it’s a 5 hour drive) was nothing but heavy traffic and bad drivers. Cue the stressed driving. By the time I made it more than half way there I realized I still had plenty of time to get to LA, and began relaxing a bit and lo and behold, I arrived just a few minutes before 6pm, which was when I needed to get there.

Now, the whole time I thought my flight left at 1:45pm. This.whole.time. But then I looked (for probably the tenth time) and FINALLY noticed it said 3:45pm! That (thankfully) changed EVERYTHING, because that meant that I didn’t have to be at the first airport at 8:30am like I thought, but instead could be there at 12:45pm. I can’t tell you how much of a relief this was because I had my final exam to take, that was a two hour exam, and no matter what, I couldn’t figure out when I was going to be able to take it (and I only had two days!). SO, since I had all morning, I was able to get it done (in just over an hour, I might add), and now I’m completely, officially done with my Spring classes! YAY!

God just has it all figured out, He really does. I think of Him sitting there patiently waiting for me to realize my correct flight time, and that it all will come together.

With all that, I am now going to get ready, rearrange my two suitcases…yes, I had to bring both suitcases and they’re both SO heavy! and get my little fanny out that door for my ride. Next time you hear from me, I’ll be in Japan! Woot!

((my “I’m two hours late but finally on the road” face))
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Amanda Wissmann said...

Coffee and blogging. 2 very important priorities ;) You're adorable! HAVE FUUUUUN! see you on the flip side!

The Heart Of A Woman said...

Coffee is awesome!!!! Yay Em! I'm glad your traveling is going well and text me when you get to Japan! said...

when you get back you gonna have to explain why you had to be there by 6, or for 8:30, that doesnt add up to me lol. How awesome that you were off by 2 hours though lol.


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