Monday, May 12, 2014

Girl babble

Happy Monday to all. My Monday started out getting up before the Japanese Navy blasted their ship’s horns, so that’s a victory in my book. I actually managed to video it to capture just how loud their horns are at 6am, and maybe I’ll eventually share it because really, it makes no sense to do it every single morning with them pointed into town.

Any way, switching to girly things. The girls here wear dresses for every type of weather. In the winter, I felt the odd man out always being in boots and jeans where they would be in the smallest of skirts and bare legs. I felt like a downright wimp as I shivered and they stood still. I couldn’t understand how they could wear dresses in the freezing wind and snow, but they did. In Spring, I fully expected to see the dresses and shorts but I’m even more confused because a lot of them are in pants. One time I was the only one on the train in shorts, and once again, I felt like the odd man out. Like I’m clearly missing the memo that described what is worn when, but apparently its pants weather and all I want to do is wear dresses and shorts! I’m on the brink of having a complex.


I still decide to wear shorts or a dress even when the majority aren’t. I offer proof from today as I’m in my dress, everyone is in pants, and its been a beautiful day.
photo (10)and me…
Over the weekend, it was nice and slow. G-man and I took to playing Yahtzee and Battleship and making really odd fruit smoothies that happened to turn out delicious. Who knew a can of peaches, almonds, peanut butter, oatmeal, and a bunch of other things would turn out good? We also watched the movie Gravity and let me tell you, that was one of the worst movies we’ve seen. We couldn’t help but have a running commentary throughout the whole film, it was that horrible. And then the ending? Biggest joke. How that movie was up for best picture award is beyond me. Someone must have paid the academy to be put on the list.

I was able to call my momma yesterday to wish her a happy day; hopefully everyone got to love on their moms a little extra yesterday. They deserve some extra lovin’.

While I was out the other day, I stopped to look through some clothes and couldn’t resist snapping a shot of this “engrish” shirt. As one friend suggested, the mustache wearer is clearly drunk.
photo 1 (11)
If you’ve been around the blogging/instagram worlds you’ll have heard of macarons. Not “macaroons” but macarons; the French kind. Well, they’re loved by many and I couldn’t get all the hype with them (never having tasted one) and almost didn’t want to because they were starting to become trendy (I’m not a trend follower). However, when I was in Napa with my sister, we stopped at a bakery and I finally tasted them. They were good, but they weren’t fall on the ground in amazement, fabulous.

When I was at LAX, another bakery was selling them, and I gave it another chance. Both the vanilla and pistachio tasted exactly the same; bland and nasty, and I was convinced either I was nuts for hating these, or people just talked them up too much for fear of being ostracized for admitting they weren’t delicious.

Then I was walking around Yokohama mall and happened to come upon another bakery from Paris, selling nothing but French pastries, and for what I agreed would be the last time, I went for a macaron-pistachio. The woman wrapped it in plastic, then wrapped a cold pack in a cloth to place in my bag for the macaron to remain cold, and at that point, I knew this was going to be a different experience. And it was. I got home, took my first bite, and I finally got a taste of a real macaron. It was good, really good. All the other ones were poor imitations to this one. I finally feel like (though I’m not a die hard fan), I at least have an understanding what the big deal is with them.
photo 2 (8)
Have you had one? Are you a big fan of them?

What did you get to do over the weekend?

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

I love the title of this blog post! You look beautiful in the dress and it looks like one of the women in the picture is looking directly at you as you snap the shot! I've never tried a macron before.


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