Monday, May 5, 2014

Rise and Shine

I didn’t think I’d ever utter these words, but 5am wakeup calls are becoming enjoyable. I wanted to say “becoming my jam”, but I’m not 20…or a hipster, so “enjoyable” it is. I was out within minutes of getting to the apartment in Japan Friday. I didn’t sleep at all the entire ten hour flight. I’ve never been a good sleeper on planes; the whole sitting upright thing doesn’t work for me, so instead I watched movies, played games, and learned how to count to ten in Japanese (something I’ve wanted to learn for awhile now). When I got really bored, I took my phone with me and took pictures pretended I was going to climb the stairs to the second level to take a peek (yes, I was really bored). I asked one of the flight attendants if I could go up but she gave me the “can I get back to you?” speech and never heard from her again. Maybe next time.
stairsme and stairs

When I went to L.A. my friend (unexpectedly) asked if I could babysit her daughter beginning at 6, which is why I all of a sudden had a deadline; and with originally thinking my flight was at 1:45, the only time my friend was going to be able to take me to the airport was at 8:30am. I was not looking forward to that!

Since all the times got worked out, I was able to get up with my friend at 7, and workout with her (the Brazilian Butt DVD is no joke, my friends). Then after she dropped me off at the airport, I hopped on the bus and within five minutes of being on the road, I realized I forgot an entire bag of clothes for G-man AND my iPad at my friend’s house. I was so upset. So so upset. Thanks to my dear friend, Amanda, she gave me five minutes to beat myself up over it (after about 30 minutes of constant complaining) and then ordered me not to think about it again. True friend right there putting me in my place. It actually did the trick and though I was worried telling G-man since I felt horrible about it, he actually gave me a lot of grace, and felt bad that I beat myself up over it so much.

The entire weekend has been nothing but relaxation. Though I’m waking up at 5 every morning, it has let me see the sun shine bright, and has given me the opportunity to take naps during the day. Plus, spending some good time with G has been nothing short of great. He made breakfast (steak, eggs, and grits) on Saturday and I made breakfast (crepes and eggs) on Sunday and all we’ve been doing is relaxing in the living room watching movies.

Let me talk about movies. If you want to cry, and I don’t mean “shed a single tear” but “bawl your eyes out” cry, then watch My Life with Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman; because oh my gosh, you will cry and cry and cry. Then once the movie is over, you’ll keep crying and be unable to talk for a good thirty minutes after because, “how could you possibly talk about ANYTHING after that movie?!” When all emotions were (thought to be) in check a couple hours later, we began to bring it up and I had to demand we stop because I started getting emotional again. My advice to anyone is give it a good solid 24 hours after watching to even remotely consider discussing the movie.

I wish I were joking.
my life
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty however is a happy movie that I would recommend watching next. It’ll help bring your spirits back up. G-man was miraculously given a couple days off this week, so we’re hoping to either catch a baseball game or maybe even a sumo match! We’re kind of dying to see one, so if we do, you can count I’ll have my camera with me.

What did you all do this weekend?

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

I like the picture of you walking up the stairs. Who took it? That does suck about the iPad and clothes, but I'm so glad you are having a relaxing time! Don't worry about it anymore. Stuff happens and the important thing is you made it! said...

the stair pic is epic and the one on the right looks surreal. I have never ever seen stairs on an airplane and did not know they existed.

Not sure what i expected, but babysitting was not what i thought the reason for you having a deadline would be lol.


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