Monday, November 3, 2014

When stuff becomes stuff

When I packed up my little apartment of four years to put into storage, I made sure to sort through as much as possible and determine what I wanted to sell and get rid of. Everything was going into storage, so I was determined to keep the essentials and necessary furniture.

Living on my own for 12 years, I had accumulated a lot of things but when it was all done, I was able to fit just about everything into a 10x10 storage unit. Some things fit into my room at my parents, but when you see your whole apartment in a storage unit, it puts a lot into perspective.

Fast forward a year and a lot of traveling later, and I have found that I can live with the absolute bare minimum. All the "things" I needed in my apartment, I don't even think about. I don't even know what they are anymore.

This didn't hit me fully until I went to Las Vegas for three months and literally lived with just 3 pair of shorts, a handful of tops, and a couple pair of shoes..with pj's and the necessaries of course, but that's it. I rotated between the same outfits for three whole months, and I honestly didn't care. No one cared. No one saw me and questioned if they'd seen me wear that top before or wonder about it. I didn't have to spend longer than 60 seconds choosing my outfit for the day, it was so nice and easy. Laundry was one tiny load a week.

Coming back to CA, I have all my clothes but the idea that I can live with a lot less is still holding on tight. The past couple months, I've been slowly working on selling all my furniture in storage. I'm down to just two dressers and I'll have it all gone. I'm thinking of going through all of my storage bins and boxes that I don't even know what's in them, and getting rid of things. Even hopefully getting a smaller storage unit. This stuff is going to sit there for months, maybe even years untouched and its becoming a waste. There's memorabilia and keep sakes that I'm obviously holding onto, but all the superfluous stuff, is just that, superfluous and I'm ready to see it go.

I think I'm ready to start fresh and with less. To finally let go of all those things I held onto thinking I'll use them again or even use them for the first time.

Do you ever have these feelings? Where you need to get rid of a bunch of stuff and clean house? Normally twice a year, I'll sort through my closet and give away clothes I haven't touched in a year's time, but I've never had the desire to purge all things! Until now.

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

I need to go through everything in this house and get rid of tons! I keep thinking one day I will feel well enough to get on top of cleaning plus declutter! Has anything been difficult to get rid of? said...

Funny that you posted this. First of all because i am the manager of a storage facility.

second because we are moving across the country to northern BC so we are getting rid of a lot of things and starting over. We will still have a 17 or 20 foot Uhaul though even though our furniture will be minimal.

My husband has a lot of tools and he will not cut back on those lol.

Noa / said...

Hey there!! Long time no see :) I totally hear you on the purging. I've been doing a LOT of that lately and it feels so good to de-clutter my spaces. My next project is my closer (yikes).


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