Monday, December 8, 2014

Happenings in Japan

I'm back in Japan! I arrived late Sunday night and have been getting on the "Japan" schedule the past couple days (its Tuesday your Monday). Monday I woke up before 4am. That was early to say the least! I hit some grocery stores nearby since G-man gave me full reign with empty cabinets and fridge and by 7pm I had fallen asleep on the couch. Party animal over here!

One thing with here is they don't have all the goods I need at one store. Not only that, I'm walking and taking the train for everything and carrying loads and loads of groceries is not ideal, so this morning I went right back out to yet another grocery store further away. I heard good things about this place, and I had to take a cab from the train station to get there, and I wasn't disappointed in the least.

I realize I'm talking about grocery shopping...boring right? Well, afterward I had every intention of getting a cab all the way back to the apartment, ignoring the train and having the luxury of being taken straight to the door, but there weren't any cabs around. That meant walking toward what I hoped was the train station. I figured if I went in the general direction of where I thought it was, I would be alright. Without any directions or gps, I huffed it and huffed it and huffed it some more until I couldn't take it any longer and asked where the station was.

Turns out I was near by one stop, only it was nowhere near where I wanted to go. I actually was going in the opposite direction of where I wanted to. This sounds about right for me. I'm horrible with navigating in foreign lands, but I hopped on the train and got myself back safely, if not a little sweaty! 

Any way, things are good here. The weather is beautiful, the place is familiar, and I'm getting to rest and relax without having to think or do any school. My semester officially finished the day before I flew out here and its a great relief knowing I don't have to do anything while in Japan if I don't want to!

Here's a few photos of the past couple days.
I went  to a restaurant I like to go to when I'm here, and pointed to what I thought was what I normally get but I got this instead. A blob of mayo is there for sauce..? Everything was good except the mayo. I can't figure why that was there.

While I was at the store today, I looked out and noticed I was right along the ocean. I had no idea, so I went out to the harbor to enjoy the view.

I honestly do not know who would want to eat an overeasy egg that's been sitting on a table for no one can say how long, but apparently someone will.

"Corn Potage" ... I'm guessing its corn chowder? Maybe? Or cream of corn perhaps?

I'm hoping to talk with G-man in the hopes of decorating the apartment for Christmas! One thing with Japan is they don't celebrate but they still decorate and their decorations are so so cheap! A 5ft fake tree for only $7??? I can't beat that! And a small 8in. wreath for $2. I can't wait to load up! 

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