Monday, December 15, 2014

I hear a buzz

Do you ever get a little bee under your bonnet where you start doing something that maybe you've put off for a long time? That's me today. I woke up very early and lounged around doing just about nothing all morning long (perks of working from home and being on winter break for school), and figured I probably should be mildly productive. 

Only thing was, I didn't really want to be. Its cold and rainy outside, and anything I want to do requires walking about 10 minutes to the train station and then riding the train to xyz location and walking some more. I'm not Japanese, I prefer driving everywhere, not walking. Call me lazy, or just American, either way, give me a car.

After trying my hand (and currently failing) at cooking fresh black beans in the crockpot (what was supposed to be 3.5 hours on high is going on well over 4 with no "cooked" stage in sight), I figured I'd head into town for lunch and some toilet paper (two very high priorities). But that requires a shower and hair and makeup, not to mention walking in the rain. Not high on my list of "wants" today. But after months of being in and out of this apartment and staring out at the slider windows in the living room, I couldn't take saying to myself, "I should really clean those" one more time and before I knew it, I had jumped up and started cleaning them. 

Next thing I knew, I had soapy water and a rag and was cleaning the outsides of them, because that's where all the dirt was. Then I did the outside of every window. Bedroom, kitchen, and all but one living room window (couldn 't reach it). I'm standing on all the balconies in my pajamas (yes it was noon and I was still in my jammies), barefoot, in the cold and rain (there was an overhang protecting me, trust me, I'm not that dedicated) scrubbing and squeegeeing the windows. 

They look great...okay, there's some streaks, but a person can actually see through them without squinting past the spots of dirt. After coming in and finding dirty footprints on the wood floors (apparently my freezing feet were freezing because I was standing in the drippings of the window cleaner), I started scrubbing the floors, then found myself in the bathroom wiping down the baseboards and edges of the floors and where did this come from?? 

My subconscious apparently couldn't take the spots and powder covered baseboards any longer and it took over before I could say, "hey, weren't you needing toilet paper?"

So now I rest under a blanket on the couch (again) watching the rain fall through the now impressively clean windows, with a full belly because hard work equals eating leftovers immediately and using the excuse of "floors needing to dry" for not showering. ..yet. 

I think its viable.

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

I never feel like being productive! It's terrible! If I cook it takes all my energy which means no cleaning! I'm feeling like a slob these days! Way to clean and good for you for taking a break and wrapping in a blanket while watching the rain!


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