Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Japan is like the South

I grew up on the West Coast. Been there for the entire 33 1/2 years of my life. I was around dry heat where I knew just about nothing, okay, absolutely nothing about humidity. Whenever someone from the Southern states would comment on the humidity and how heat AND humidity was worse than a dry heat like Las Vegas, I would laugh and say they didn't know what they were talking about.

Desert heat is miserable.

But then G-man and I went to D.C. in April 2008, and my west coast self wore a thick cashmere top with heavy thick jeans, and I was about to die. About.to.die. I remember G-man balking at me, saying it wasn't humid at all, (he being a Southern boy and all), but I was pulling on my clothes feeling claustrophobic.

Since then I've learned a lot. Being in Japan, I've experienced the Spring months where the humidity reaches 100%. Thankfully I haven't experienced the Summer months here, where I hear it is downright miserable, but having it be in the high 80's with 100% humidity is enough for me.

With humidity comes condensation on the windows and with condensation comes mold and mildew. Ick! Close the windows and the humidity gets trapped making more condensation which makes more mold. Keep the windows open and the humidity comes IN which keeps everything wet which makes more mold.

Its a lose/lose as far as I see.

I hear its exactly the same in the South. I now know your struggles.

We're constantly fighting mold in the shower room, but it wasn't until yesterday as I was cleaning the floor in the living room, that I saw the entire sliding door track full of mold. (yes, I'm grossed out with you).

Condensation drips down the windows all the time and pools at the bottom, but my west coast self never thought it was turning into mold.

Surprise surprise.

I've been working hard on reducing the chemicals used in the home, so instead of grabbing the (G-man loved) Kaboom (which leaves him with a horrible headache and coughing for at least an hour after...but to him that means its "working"....I love him), I turned to my On Guard - Protective Blend essential oil.

I filled my 8oz glass bottle with water, and put 10 drops of On Guard in it, shook it up, and sprayed the daylights out of the mold. Since I had a fresh bottle made up, I went around the whole apartment and sprayed all the high mold areas and the range hood (...its a great degreaser), then came back and wiped up the mold.

Its all gone (for now), but I'm going to be sure to spray it at least 3-4 times a week to see if I can't keep it from coming back. I'll report back in a few weeks to share if its returned.

And you know what the beauty of it all is? I'm not coughing and I don't have an unnecessary headache. I smell clove and cinnamon and have a smile on my face.

Oils, seriously, they're so great. I'm loving them and can't get enough of them. If you have any questions about oils, how they work, how you can get a sample of one to try, or how you can get your own, comment or send me an email (premiumessentialoils@gmail.com).

I also just created a Facebook page too, if you want to get more information and great tips I'd love for you to 'like' and follow along.

I like sharing, and just know, this blog won't turn into a 'dōTERRA essential oil' promoting blog, but when something works like it did yesterday, I can't help but share it with others. So, I'll be doing this from time to time.

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

The picture is so professional! Where do you get the glass bottles? Oh get headaches from most cleaning products! I have been using branch basics, which is unscented or the on guard cleaner. I forgot to tell you, I've used the on guard in my dishwasher. It leaves lots of bubbles so I let them drain and run the rinse cycle once more, but it smells so good!

http://sweetcanadian.blogspot.com/ said...

I know this post is a plug (and it's your blog you can post what you like) but i am going to comment on the humidity.

We were in vegas last april. It was about 90 F there and i was in HEAVEN. One day was 30C and at home was about -24C and snowing/raining/70KM winds. That heat did not bother me at all........because where i come from, it is extremely humid.

+30 here makes you feel like your melting, you take 2-3 showers a day. Your central air doesn't shut off. You have a fan on top of the central air. You can't breathe outside. I thought we had it bad here in the summer.......then i went to Florida in August.

OMG that has to be as bad as i have heard Taiwan gets (not sure about Japan). We didn't get the sun that usually is Orlando in August. We got 1.5/10 days of sun but we got rain, and we got the humidity.

We had to change a couple times a day. It was soooooo gross. I was warned, but my son was starting high school so that was the only time we could go as i did not want him missing school. NEVER AGAIN. We got out of the airport to go to go pick our car and woosh, it hit us immediately.

You better leave Japan before summer if it gets that bad. Seriously! LOL.

I am looking forward to moving to BC as it is dry over there and enjoying the heat in the summer.


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